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Open Show Results

Sunday 25th November 2018

Order Valium Online India, Buy Diazepam Online Belfast

The Sports Arena, Leamington Road,

Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry



Bitches: Allyson King (Allyking)

Dogs: Carol Gray (Calomar)

Referee: Pat Jacobs

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Order Valium Online India, Buy Diazepam Online Belfast


Class 1 Minor Puppy Bitch – 8  (5 Ab)
1st – Zefathers Sweet Child O’Mine, 2nd – Axeford Rising Sun Over Preveli, 3rd – Imagine Isha Giants May Be’s Place (AI) (IMP NL) TAF.

Class 2 Puppy Bitch – 5 (2 Ab)
1st Casablanca Perseidy Kasjopei, 2nd – Empress Eliveria V.Rosherta, 3rd – Ravendane Elphaba Of Harvaxe.

Class 3 Junior Bitch – 6 (3 Ab)
1st – Jutlanders Are You Ready )IMP DEN), 2nd – Shlarra Picture Perfect At Penmarlam, 3rd – Verano Valetina.

Class 4 Yearling Bitch – 3 (1Ab)
1st – Zefathers What It Takes JW, 2nd – Ch Bourntwyn By My Side.

Class 5 Novice Bitch – 2
1st – Landgraf Maureen O’Hara, 2nd – Dornoir Luciana.

Class 6 Post Graduate Bitch – No Entries

Class 7 Limit Bitch – 5 (2 Ab)
1st – Dainoak Agent Provocateur, 2nd – Garsak Wild At Heart At Danehaven, 3rd – Damarkann Illicit Love.

Class 8 Open Bitch – 3 (2 Ab)
1st – Ch Zefather Crazy Diamond For Verano JW

Class 9 Special Veteran Bitch – 2
1st – Jaydania Georgia Of Bengrafton SHCM, 2nd – Dinahtron Lady Luck From Dornoir.

Class 10  Special Open Brindle Bitch – 2 (2 Ab)

Class 11 Special Open Fawn Bitch – 2
1st – Samdice In Your Honor At Rimor, 2nd – Garsak Wild At Heart At Danehaven.

Class 12 Special Open Black Bitch 5 (1 Ab)
1st – Casablanca Perseidy Kasjopei, 2nd – Bandwar Taylor Made, 3rd – Leamap Black Caviar At Sarawen, Res – Renescent Miss Naughty.

Class 13 Special Open Blue Bitch – No Entries

Class 14 Special Open Harlequin Bitch 3 (1 Ab)
1st – Tamzdane Cake My Day, 2nd – Damarkann Illicit Love.

Class 15 Special Open Mantle Bitch 1
1st Tamzdane Bohemian Raspbery At Ravendane.

BEST BITCH – Ms N.Pendleton-Watkins – Zefathers What It Takes JW.

RESERVE BEST BITCH – Mrs S. Bourton – Ch. Zefather Crazy Diamond For Verano.

BEST PUPPY BITCH – Miss J Cranfield – Zefathers Sweet Child O’Mine.

Pictured below

Bitch Critique

The Great Dane Club 25.11.18   Bitches at Sky Blue Coventry 

Many thanks for the kind invitation to Judge my second Breed Club Show and to my Co Judge Carol Gray who did Dogs and also to the Referee Mr Patrick Jacobs for his decision to award BIS to the Bitch and Reserve Best In Show, and Best Veteran in Show was decided between Carol and myself, Best puppy in Show on Referees decision to the Dog Puppy and Reserve Best Puppy in Show to the Bitch Puppy, well done all. Also sadly everyone was thinking of a special Dane lady who took ill the previous day doing what she loved, condolences now to you all and her friends and family.

Minor Puppy Bitch 8 5abs

Cranfield & Cranfield’s Fathers Sweet Child O’Mine Just 6 mths fawn feminine and balanced and together good outline on the stand. Lovely bone and head has nice width to muzzle and skull ratios. Eye is dark and expressive and well- fitting and placed. Excellent pigment and tidy jowls with good bite. Neck is arched and of good length into shoulders which have a good slope and tidy elbows on straight front legs and well knuckled feet. Overall has muscular development giving sound hocks. Moving has reach and drive from rear giving fluidity. BPIS. Well done shall watch with interest.

Bakers Axeford Rising Sun Over Prevelli Paler fawn and slightly older Has a dark eye and mask with tidy jowls, ear shape a little larger than 1. A shade straighter in stifle and needs more time for brisket to come on. Moving just needed more rear drive at times but this will improve.

Haynes Imagine Isha Giants May Be’s Place (AI) (Imp NL) Taf Rich fawn Good dark eye head still changing at this stage. Moving needs to tighten all through in muscle tone as a tad close in hock at the moment.

Puppy Bitch 5 2 abs

Warchol’s Casablanca Perseidy Kasjopei Bl feminine good outline a tad on the lean side at the moment. Overall good make and shape and bone developing well. Head has balance ratios and with good bite. Feet were well knuckle and good shape. Had the edge on movement here over 1 and 2 as more fluid and balanced.

Southgate’s Empress Elivera V. Rosherta Larger make and shape. Head for me just a tad coarser than 1 but with tidy jowls and bite. Good dark eye, ear set at this stage a little lower but changing at this age, When she found a stride moved okay.

Ellis-Khanna & Ellis-Khanna’s Ravendale Elphaba of Harvaxe Harlie Ok for size shape and bone. Head ratios balance but would like tighter fitting eye. Hocks need to be strengthened and a little more muscle tone.

Junior Bitch 6 3 abs

White’s Jutlanders Are You Ready (Imp Den)  Fawn Good make and shape and bone. Dark eye and mask, eye of good shape, giving kind expression, head ratios good and bite, tidy jowls. Arch and length of neck into well placed shoulders. Chest has depth and good ribbing with well- fitting elbows. Bend of stifles into well laid shoulders. Sound hocks gave good movement from all angles.

McGowan’s Shalarra Picture Perfect at Penmarlam , Fawn Good size shape and bone. Lovely expression from dark eye and balance for head ratios, and bite with tidy jowls. Moving was a little untidy and lost balance and fluidity needed to settle more.

Tandy’s Verano Valetina Paler fawn Ample bone for size with good bite, like tighter jowls. Another that needed more fluidity and balance on the move.

Yearling Bitch 3 1 abs

Pendleton’s Zefathers What It Takes JW Balanced famine well boned for size and shape, firm muscle-tone. Lovely neck into well laid shoulders chest has depth and good ribbing and couplings, slight rise over loins with good tail-set and carriage. Straight front legs on good feet, nice bend to stifle and sound neat hocks. Moves with such ease and balance covering the ground effortlessly ably assisted by good handling. Best Bitch and BIS.

Bithell’s Ch Bourtwyn By My Side Another quality fawn , She is larger made althrough than 1 but in superb muscular condition. Good feminine headpiece with dark expressive eye and fitting, good muzzle to skull ratios and bite. Moving gives a sound action from all angles. Just like her a tad shorter in back, but so worthy of her title another expertly handled exhibit.

Novice Bitch 2

Well’s Landgraf Maureen O’Hara Harlie, had balance head ratios, dark well fitting eyes.Ample bone for size with depth to chest. Moving, handler need a longer stride to give more positive reach and allowed to drive more of hocks.

Kelleway’s Dornoir Lilianna Blue Good eye colour for shade, a tad more ring confidence needed as didn’t show off her true assets as was tense , but young handler did a good job..

Post Graduate Bitch 0

Limit Bitch 5 2 abs

Kingsley’s Dainoak Agent Provacatuer Head a little heavy, but has good bite and dark eye, ears a little on the larger side. Ample depth to chest and foot shape best mover here.

Powley’s Garsak Wild At Heart at Danehaven Fawn Dark mask and eye colour like tighter fitting jowls.. Needs to be firmer in muscle tone for me, an slightly more angulation in front as moving was unbalanced and needs more reach.

Middleton’s Damrkann Illicit Love Harlie Nice size and bone on good feet. Deep brisket her she relaxed a little more hope her ring confidence comes back as can show a positive stride.

Open Bitch 3 1 abs

Bourton’s Ch Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano  JW Fawn Lovely balance size bone and shape. Super feminine balanced head. Lovely dark expressive eye and mask good bite and well-fitting jowls .Good depth and well-fitting elbows. Moving showed balance and elegance from all angles. Not surprised she has her title. Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.

Special Veteran Bitch 2

Humphries & Humphries Jadania Georgia of Bengrafton SHCM Fawn Lovely silhouette and feminine bone. Lovely head ratios with dark eye and ear set, chest had depth and well-fitting elbows good tail set and carriage. Still gives a balance gait from all angles 

Middleton’s Dinarhtron Lady Luck from Dornoir B  Head ratios good tidy jowls lovely dark expressive eyes.  Ample neck, with good bone good depth of chest. Underline could be tighter. Moved well, but not the drive off rear of 1.

Special Open Brindle Bitch 2 2 abs

Special Open Fawn Bitch 2

Morgan’s Samdice In Your Honour at Rimor (AI) 2 yr old Feminine with ample bone, chest still needs to develop. Lovely expressive dark eye, and reach of neck. Straight front legs ample stifles. Moved with balance .

Powley’s Garsak Wild At Heart at Danehaven Larger framed and boned than 1 Ear shape a little on the larger side for me. Moving coming towards needs to strengthen as a little untidy.

Special Open Black Bitch 5  1 abs

Warchol’s Casablanca Perseidy Kasjopei  Puppy bitch from earlier.

Black’s Bandwar Taylor Made 2 yr nice size and overall shape and balance Feminine in head with dark eye and good set. Nice neck and shoulder placements. 1 just had the edge moving coming towards as pasterns need to firm a little more.

Pepper’s Leamaps Black Caviar at Sarwen Veteran Well covered but still has excellent muscle tone and movement would just like a cleaner underline but still has many other qualities.

Special Open Blue Bitch 0

Special Harlequin Bitch 3 1 abs

Pocock & Pocok’s Tamzdane Cake My Day  2yr  on the stand feminine silhouette with good bone Good eye colour and pigment  good ear set and head proportions   and bite with tidy jowls, a nice arch of neck and lay of shoulder, straight front legs moving has fluidity and balance well handled.

Middleton’s Damarkann Illicit Love Showing much more ease here and settled quite well.

Special Mantle Bitch 1

Walton’s Tamzdane Bohemian Raspberry at Ravendale  Well marked Feminine outline with good bone and muscle-tone. Head ratios good and bite with well-fitting jowls. Straight front legs with tidy elbows. Moved out well covering the ground with ease and balance and moved a good pace by handler.

Best Bitch 22  – Pendleton’s Zefathers What It Takes JW

Reserve Best Bitch 30 – Bourton’s Ch Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano  JW

Best Puppy Bitch – Cranfield & Cranfields Zefathers Sweet Child O’Mine

Allyson King.

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Class 16 Minor Puppy Dog 8
1st – Primus Breakin Rules, 2nd – Adoreadane Summer Sunshine, 3rd – Starlight Cronos Avec Foaldown, Res – Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw At Sunlind (IMP USA), VHC – Darrington Wizard By Ravendane.

Class 17 Puppy Dog 3
1st – Foaldown Secret Tribute, 2nd – Tamzdane Oat Of This Swirled At Deblouka, 3rd – Primus Break-in Out.

Class 18 Junior Dog 4 (3 Ab)
1st – Fendanesylcrest American Son For Teeseedane Imp USA.

Class 19 Yearling Dog 3
1st – Bourntywn Rags To Riches, 2nd – Mafimafi Perfect Timing For Dainoak AI (Imp Aus), 3rd – Rayone Backgammon.

Class 20 Novice Dog 1 (1 Ab)

Class 21 Post Graduate Dog 2 (1 Ab)
1st – Preveli Be Yourself.

Class 22 Limit Dog 3 (1 Ab)
1st – Kinnegans Twisted Fire Starter, 2nd – Bandwar For Aces High.

Class 23 Open Dog 2 (1 Ab)
1st – Days Born Ready.

Class 24 Special Veteran Dog 2
1st – Preveli Manos, 2nd – Dainmajik Dante For


Class 25 Special Open Brindle Dog 1 (1 Ab)

Class 26 Special Open Fawn Dog 1
1st – Preveli Be Yourself

Class 27 Special Open Black Dog 4 (2 Ab)
1st – Bandwar For Aces High, 2nd – Rayjen Backgammon

Class 28 Special Open Blue Dog 2 (1 Ab)
1st – Renescent Reyt Good

Class 29 Special Open Harlequin Dog 4 (1 Ab)
1st – Shalrace The Maestro, 2nd – Tamzdane Oh My Apple Pie JW, 3rd – Tenshi With Red Ribbon.

Class 30 Special Open Mantle Dog 1
1st – Damarkann Marquisite.

BEST DOG – G. McGowan – Kinnegans Twisted Fire Starter.

RESERVE BEST DOG – S. Kelleway – Damarkann Marquisite.

BEST PUPPY DOG – J, L&J Donnelly & Toohey – Primus Breakin Rules.

Pictured Below



Great Dane Club Open Show – Sun November 25th 2018

I would like too thank the Great Dane Club committee for giving this opportunity to judge Dogs at their Open show and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I was really pleased with my entry and was delighted rot see there are some lovely male puppies coming through as quality has been sadly lacking here for for the last few years. Movement could still be improved on, but I was happy enough with my main winners. Best in Show was given to the bitch on the referees decision, Reserve Best in show was given to a bitch from the same kennel, but she was one i have admired for quite a while now and was delighted to see her made up recently. My Best Puppy went Best Puppy in Show, again on the referees decision. Best veteran went to the bitch and I was in full agreement with my co-judge on this.

Minor Puppy Dog (2a)

1) Donnelly & Toohey’s Primus Breakin Rules

8mnth old Fawn pup so well put together, just the right amount of substance, bone and angulation for his age, excellent head planes and reach of neck. Correct shoulder placement, straight front. Excellent topline which he held on the move. Correct croup and tailset  . My notes say lovely happy boy ! so pleased to award him Best Puppy Dog and then to see him go Best Puppy in Breed. A credit to his breeder / owners and one who’s show career i shall watch with interest.

2) Tempests Adoreadane Summer Sunshine

Lovely Harlequin boy out of a bitch I really like and he was making first fist debut in the ring at 6mnths and 1 day. lovely clean white background with well marked patches. Another with substance and ample bone giving a well filled straight front. good head planes, nice topline, croup set and hind angulation. not so settled on the move as 1, but he’s a real baby and another who should have a bright future once he gains his confidence in the ring.

3) Collett’s Starlight Cronos Avec Foaldown

Puppy Dog  

1)   Collett’s Foaldown Secret Tribute

11mnth Fawn well grown for his age and a puppy I have watched develop since before his first show. He has a beautiful head with correct planes and shape of eye. Good straight bone, correct front. Excellent length of neck, flowing into correct shoulders and level toppling. correct depth of chest for his age. would like to see him with more substance, but I felt he is possibly going through a growth spurt. good hind angulation. Moved well but I would like to see him enjoy himself and sparkle a bit more.  close decision for best puppy

2)  Wheeler’s Tamzdane Oat of this Swirled at Deblouka

10mnths Harlequin. Heavily marked over his rear but has a good clean front. Head planes ok with adequate length to fore face but slightly broader in back skull. Again another with plenty of substance showing a well filled front, good bone correct lay of shoulder. Would like to see more length of neck and a firmer topline. croup set is slightly low but he has sufficient hind angulation. moved ok.

3) Donnelly & Toohey’s Prius Breaking Out

Junior Dog (3a)

1) Teese’s Fendanes Sylcrest American Son For Teesedane IMP USA

Stood Alone, but worthy of winning his class.  A tall substantial Fawn dog just over 12 months of age, and looks like he has room to grow even more. Lovely head planes with great length of fore face. Good straight well filled front, typical length of neck when taking his origin into consideration, but this didn’t distract as he has a good lay of shoulder flowing into a level topline, When viewed from the front he has a tendency to stand slightly wide, but this should hopefully improve as he matures and his chest broadens. His croup set and hind angulation are good. Unfortunately he didn’t like the floor, which affected his movement as he wouldn’t stride out to his full potential.

Yearling Dog 

1)  Bithell’s Bourntwyn Rags To Riches

Another tall upstanding fawn 17mnths with ample bone. Gorgeous head with correct planes, lovely dark eye and excellent reach of neck. Good straight front with correct depth of chest. Correct shoulder placement, level topline and lovely croup set. Well angulated rear and moved well to win his class. Unfortunately in the challenge his movement let him down which was disappointing.

2)  Kingsley Mafimafi Perfect Timing For Dainoak (Imp Aus)

Blue dog 14mnths, heavyset, good length of fore face and too broad in backskull for my taste and his  expression was spolit by having exposed haws, so often seen in the coloureds.On the plus side he had good straight bone and held his topline well. moved ok

3) Maclejko’s Rayjen Backgammon

Novice Dog (1a)

Post Graduate Dog (1a)

1) Robinson’s Preveli Be Yourself

5yr old Fawn boy who I can remember judging him as a young pup. Although he shows his age facially, is in lovely condition. Correct head planes with correct length of fore face, ear set and breadth of back skull. super length of neck into correct lay of shoulder. good front from both front and side profile, good toppling and correct croup set. Moved solidly. 

Limit Dog (1a)

1)   McGowans Kinnegans Twisted Fire Starter

Just my type, our breed standard quotes ‘’size and substance’’ and this boy has both. Gorgeous 2 1/2 yr fawn dog, beautifully balanced with both front and rear angulation are in perfect proportion. Strong masculine head with correct parallel head planes. Just the right amount of neck into correct lay of shoulder. Topline has that rise over the loin so typical of the breed. croup and hind angulation just right. He moved sound and steady and I was pleased to award him Best Dog, BOS. 

2)  Bollons Bandwar For Aces High

2 1/2 year old black dog who has a lovely length of fore face  though is slightly broader in back skull that I like. Rather narrow when viewed from the front. He has a good reach of neck and holds his topline ok when stacked. Moved ok

Open Dog (1a)

1)   4yrs old Blue Harlequin, Big upstanding lad full of exuberance. he has a good length to fore face but again is slightly broader in back skull than I would prefer. He has a good length of neck, well filled shoulders and front with good depth to his chest. level toppling with correct croup and hind angulation. Moved well   

Veteran Dog 

1)  Robinson’s Preveli Manos

Fawn Dog 8yrs old and carrying his age well. still has lovely head planes and his general confirmation and balance still shows what a lovely boy he once was. movement was steady and sound. Lost out in the challenge for best veteran to a much younger and livelier bitch so I was in agreement with my co judge.

2) Flanagan’s Dainmajik Dante For Soupury

8 yr old mantle, heavier type than 1, but still wearing well for his age. Would prefer more length to fore face, but he has a good top skull. Toppling and tail set were ok and once he got himself going he moved ok.

Sp Open Brindle (a)

Sp Open Fawn   

1) Robinson’s Preveli Be Yourself

Sp Open Black (2a)

1)  Bollons Bandar For Aces High

2) Macleijko’s Rayjen Backgammon

18mnths Black. Tall boy with a nice dark eye. decent head planes with a good length of fore face. Narrow type all through and lacks angulation both front and rear. He needs to fill his frame and drop into his hocks which will benefit him greatly and he has time on his side. Moved ok. 

Sp Open Blue (1a)

1)   Simpson’s Renescent Reyt Good 

Nice 15mnth blue boy with lovely head planes and reach of neck. still growing and at that awkward age. he has a good toppling and croup nice depth to chest and good straight bone. He moved well. My only criticism of him is that he tends to stand wide in front which distracts from his overall balance.

Sp Open Harlequin (1a)

1)   Hugill’s Shalrace The Maestro

3yr old harlequin with a lovely head and correct planes. good reach of neck into correct shoulder placement. Lovely front with correct depth to chest, though is another who tends to stand slightly wide. Correct topline and croup set, moved well.

2) Pocks Tamzdane oh My Apple Pie

Another popular dog from this well known kennel. 3yrs old harlequin well marked. Not the biggest of boys but well put together.  Has a decent head with correct planes, good ear set and length of neck. holds topline well and has correct angulation behind. Moves really well hard decision between 1 & 2 but in the end I preferred the head on 1 and his shorter length of loin.

3)  Bielecka’s Tenshi With Red Ribbon

Sp Open Mantle

1) Kelley’s Damarkann Marquisite

26mnth old correctly marked Mantle boy with my preference for a full white collar. Good head planes with the correct length of fore face, slightly broader in back skull. Lovely length of neck flowing into correct shoulders and level topline. Good croup and tail set with correct hind angulation. Moves really well and I was pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog. 

Carol Gray Judge

Ms N.Pendleton-Watkins – Zefathers What It Takes JW.

Mrs S. Bourton – Ch. Zefather Crazy Diamond For Verano.


G. McGowan – Kinnegans Twisted Fire Starter.

J, L&J Donnelly & Toohey – Primus Breakin Rules.

K.S. & M.J. Humphries – Jaydania Georgia Of Bengrafton SHCM. (Pictured Below)

The Great Dane Club, its Officers and Committee do not promote individual breeders or kennels and accept no responsibility for the content of any website who's link is published here