Registration of the colour Merle

Update – Registration of the colour Merle

As you will most likely be aware the colour Merle has been a widely discussed topic in recent years and the Great Dane Club has been keen to involve its members in guiding the route forwards.
The first members pole was conducted in December last year with 98% of voters supporting Registration of the Colour Merle. Since this time Merle has been added as a Non Breed Standard Colour for Registration by the KC.
Our second members pole was conducted in March this year with 64% of voters in favour of the Colour Merle being included as a Breed Standard Colour by the KC. We along with the other Clubs presented our members vote at the Breed Council meeting on 30th May 2021 and the results were announced.
The following is from the Secretary of The Great Dane Breed Council.

“At the Breed Council Meeting on Sunday 30th May ’21 the results of the Members poll, carried out by the Breed Clubs, were announced. The Club polls resulted in the required Club majority NOT being reached in order for the colour Merle to eventually in the future, being put before the Kennel Club for consideration for inclusion as a Recognised Colour within the Kennel Club’s Great Dane Breed Standard”.

The Colour Merle will now remain as a Non Breed Standard colour (NBS) with the UK Kennel Club for the foreseeable future.  
We would like to thank all of our members who participated in our polls.