2021 Championship Show Results

Holiday Inn Crick – Sunday 08th August 2021
Judges Mr Ric Beall & Miss Joanne Walton


Bitch Results – Judge Miss Joanne Walton

Judge Miss Joanne Walton – Bitch Critique

Special Veteran Bitch
1st – (PRICE, MRS P) CH Leamap Iron Maiden
9yr blue bitch in superb condition, moved extremely well for her age, would certainly give the youngsters a run for their money.
2nd – (KELLEWAY, MRS S) Jaemluks Dannie of Clunton
8yr harlequin bitch – carrying far too much weight which affected her overall performance.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st – (SOUTHGATE, MRS S.E) Malbecio Rioja
8month quality black bitch of substantial size and in excellent condition. Dark eye, pleasing head shape, correct bite, neck well-arched into muscular shoulders. She covered the ground well – the handler could do to practice on a loose lead to achieve the best from this promising puppy.
2nd – (CRANFIELD, MISS J) Zefather’s Rumour Has It
8month fawn bitch, smaller & finer than the winner but everything in the right place. Covered the ground with ease

Puppy Bitch
1st – (PENDLETON-WATKINS, MS N) Goldania Queen of Egypt
9month strong fawn bitch, well off for bone, beautiful head shape with correct planes, dark mask with dark eyes, correct bite – carrying slightly too much weight which affected her on the move.
2nd – (PAGE & CONCANNON, L.C & T) Novavida Mist over Pendle
9month tall and more elegant bitch, pleasing head with dark eye & correct bite, showed & moved well – lacked lustre due to coat change.

Junior Bitch
1st – (CHAPPELL, MS L & MR A) Selmalda Oh Lori (AI)
16month old, what a bitch! She oozed quality from head to toe. Alert expression and beautiful head planes, darkest of eye, correct mouth, strong jaw. Well-arched neck into laid back shoulders, sloped back with elbows tucked under her body. In perfect condition – moved so sound, covering the ground with drive and carrying her head high.
2nd – (GRANT, MRS C) Lomondane Ca Canny at Eildane
17month old fawn of finer stature than the winner, pleasing head, dark eye, correct bite. Long neck into straight shoulder which spoiled her overall appearance. She moved well.

Yearling Bitch
1st – (HERRING, MR M) Noziaro Alula
2yr old fawn of good body and head size, lighter eye, lacking in front & rear angulation which showed on the move affecting reach and drive. Shown in superb condition.
2nd – (BOOTH, MRS S) Roucandane Crazy in Love at Primus
23month old fawn of strong stature, short in length of leg and long in loin. Moved with purpose around the ring.

Post Graduate Bitch
1st – (JACOBS, MR, MRS & MISS) Vanmore Shes All That At Kazabbie
17month fawn, although she stood alone, she was a more than worthy winner – and definitely lives up to her name! Overall excellent shape & type. Very elegant and majestic.

Limit Bitch
1st – (MCLELLAN, MRS A) Jutlander’s Bat Out of Hell to Anadain (IMP DNK) 2yr powerful fawn bitch, displaying dignity and oozing quality. Strong head with dark mask, dark eye and correct bite. Strong neck into laid back shoulder – marginally short in front leg. Moved effortlessly and with drive.
2nd – (MACKENZIE, MRS C) Carsan Savanna
3yr blue bitch of superb colour, elegant and pleasing shape, light eye. Lacked a little confidence – covered the ground well.

Open Bitch
– (CRANFIELD, MISS J) Zefather’s Sweet Child O’ Mine JW BJWNL ‘19
3yr fawn of superb overall quality, a worthy champion and credit to her owner.
2nd – (MIDDLETON, MISS J H) Taysca Must De Cartier at Dornoir JW
4yr old black, gleaming coat, carrying excessive weight which spoilt her overall appearance and lead to her being sluggish on the move.

Champion Bitch
1st – (PRICE, MRS P) CH Leamap Iron Maiden
9yr blue in superb condition – every inch a champion. Not the biggest but everything in the right place. Moved effortlessly and with enthusiasm.
2nd – (SNEDDON, A&C) CH Culseandanes House of Tully
4 1⁄2 yr fawn of superb size & substance, slightly out of peak condition.

Beginners Bitch
1ST – (PAGE & CONCANNON, L C & T) Novavida Mist over Pendle
10month fawn, displaying coat change which affected her appearance, once cleared will transform her image – potentially a promising show career ahead for her.
2nd – (PAGE & CONCANNON, L C & T) Novavida Pendle Dreamer
10month fawn sister to the winner. Much better coat condition although lacked the overall conformation of her sister. A pleasing puppy who showed & moved well for her novice handler.

Special Open Fawn Bitch
1st – (POWLEY, MISS C) Garsak My Heart Will Go On
2yr fawn of good size, feminine head with correct mask, a little straight in upper arm which affected her front, strong rear which was used to good effect on the move.

Special Open Black Bitch
1st – (PRAZAK DICKSON, MR P) Jawa Casa Di Amici
3yrs old in good condition, broad back skull with short muzzle, mouth ok, light eye, short neck. Very erratic on the move both moving away and returning which made her hard to assess.

Special Open Blue Bitch
1st – (MACKENZIE, MRS C) Carsan Savanna
3yr old steel blue colour. Tall & elegant, quality bitch – lacked a little enthusiasm.
2nd – (KELLEWAY, MRS S) Dornoir Luciana
4yrs old, correct colour, smaller than the winner but overall compact shape – showed and moved well for her handler.

Special Open Harlequin Bitch
1st – (POCOCK, MISS T & MRS L) INT/NL CH Tamzdane Cake My Day BNLW19 EUDDC CH’19
Almost 5yr old of correct colour, in excellent condition, superb head carried high on the move, enthusiastically shown demonstrating a worthy potential champion.
2nd – (PRAZAK DICKSON, MR P) Leera Lucky Star
11months old, correct colour – sadly being shown with an eye issue which affected the dogs overall presentation. 

Special Open Mantle Bitch
1st – (KELLEWAY, MRS S) Damarkann Raydiance with Steverah
15month bitch, correctly marked, small & compact structure with feminine head. Shoulders appeared loose on the move, affecting the overall performance.
2nd – (JARMIN & BOUND, MR MJ & MRS DJ) Damarkann Dream Chaser 15month bitch, litter sister to the above, this one incorrectly marked. Marginally bigger than the winner but overall not a competent show dog. I would have withheld had this been a qualifying class.

CC Winner
I was extremely pleased to award Adam & Lesley Chappell the CC with their fawn bitch – Selmalda Oh Lori – she by far stood out from the crowd and made sure she didn’t go unnoticed throughout her whole time in the ring. She is the pinnacle of how a great dane bitch of her age should look and perform and is an example to many others – I would have gladly taken her home!
Res CC
MCLELLAN, MRS A – Jutlander’s Bat Out of Hell to Anadain (IMP DNK)
Best Puppy Bitch
SOUTHGATE, MRS S.E- Malbecio Rioja
I was pleased that the dog judge Mr Ric Beall agreed with my decisions which meant we didn’t need the referee on the day
Joanne Walton

Judge Mr Ric Beall – Dog Critique

The Great Dane Club
Championship Show – 8th August 2021

It was a privilege to be invited to judge males at this prestigious show hosted by the parent club.  There was a good atmosphere both in and around the ring and I very much enjoyed the day.  I should like to thank my stewards, Jan MacDonald and Anne Merwick who were wonderfully efficient without being obtrusive.

Despite the lengthy absence of shows due to the Coronavirus pandemic, temperaments and canine showmanship were generally very good, particularly in the one to one situation with me the judge.  On the negative side I did find a number of incorrect mouths and was alarmed at the number of exhibits (particularly young dogs) with worn down, misplaced (and often dirty) teeth.  With judges compelled to focus on exhibits being “fit for function” it is difficult to see how Danes with such poor dentition could successfully perform as a hunting hound.  I also noticed that short legs together with long backs appear to be on the increase.

In the challenge for the CC I shortlisted 5 males who, in my view, were excellent examples of the breed.  As ever in such close competition good handling and getting the best from one’s charge at such a critical time is crucial.  I have no doubt that these males could change places at this level on another day.

I was pleased that my co-judge, Joanna Walton, and I agreed on all our joint decisions and as such the referee was not required.

Best in Show was the eye-catching 16 month old fawn bitch, Chappell’s Selmalda Oh Lori (AI).  I thought her quite beautiful in outline with a balanced combination of strength and elegance.  Fabulous forehand flowing cleanly from well-shaped head, crested neck, correctly laid shoulder through good chest, brisket and legs.  Typical expression and eye enhanced by good chiselling which just gave her the edge over her brother for top honours; although I would prefer a slightly smaller ear.  Pleasing topline and underline with good spring of rib and depth of loin.  She was presented in excellent condition with strong croup and powerful rear.  Adequate hind angulation which she used to advantage on the move with a smooth, easy stride.  Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex was Lori’s upstanding brindle litter brother and my dog CC winner, Chappell’s Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI).

Best Puppy in Show was the charming 8 month old black bitch, Southgate’s Malbecio  Rioja.  Rich in glossy colour, full bodied and with good legs just like her namesake, I very much liked this promising baby.  Classic head and expression with good breadth and depth of muzzle.  Quarters developing nicely with correctly laid shoulders and nicely angulated rear with strong hocks.  Just enough depth of chest for age and neck flows cleanly through wither into a strong topline.  Steady and sound on the move holding her outline with head held high.

Best Veteran in Show was the almost 9 year old bitch, Price’s Ch. Leamap Iron Maiden.  I have had the pleasure of judging this lovely blue girl twice before during her long and successful career.  It was lovely to see her on this occasion.  Super headpiece which was so expressive with correct planes, stop and square drop of lip.  Her outline still flows and she was put down in lovely condition as one would expect of this kennel.  Good depth of body throughout and her well laid shoulders matched her turn of stifle for angulation which pleased me.  She was purposeful and sound on the move; a picture of health and longevity. 

Special Veteran Dog (2  1) 1.  Pepper’s Ch. Danemoor Black Watche for Sarawen.  Stately, 6 year old black gentleman and worthy champion.  Good masculine head in proportion to body with correct expression, excellent dark tight eye and dentition.  Strength to neck leading into well constructed front of depth and width.  Brisket to elbow with clean underline.  Good spring of rib and well covered although a little soft in topline now. Good shape to croup and turn of stifle.  Easy mover who has retained his ground covering stride.

Minor Puppy Dog (6  1) 1.  McGowan’s Kinnegan’s I Walk the Line at Penmarlam.  Although not the tallest, or heaviest in bone, this 7 month old fawn boy presented the most balanced and typical outline in the class.  Head is developing nicely with adequate drop of lip and strength of jaw for a male.   Clean front of good width with well laid shoulders, enough spring of rib and pleasing short loin.  Gently sloping croup, well muscled thighs and bend to stifle.  Typical puppy movement which should tighten with maturity; steady and sound.  Best Puppy Dog.  2.  Lawson’s Creek Danes Out of the Darkness at Droolakiss (Imp USA) NAF TAF.  Elegant blue of 7 ½ months who was built on good clean lines.  Head was of parallel planes although I would prefer more depth of muzzle and drop of lip, the latter of which may develop with time and maturity. Correct dentition.  Reasonably well balanced, his angles fore and aft were moderate but equal with adequate depth and width to body throughout.  Rounded croup and strength to hock.  Moved around the ring with an easy stride. 3.  Simpson’s Blessed Bes Fire From the Gods at Renescent (Imp USA).

Junior Dog (4  1)1. Chappell’s Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI).  Stylish brindle dog of 16 months who commanded attention.  With his excellent length of leg and corresponding short back he was of excellent balance and stood foursquare.  Whilst he has elegance, his good size, strength of bone and substance ensured there was no compromise to his masculinity.  In profile he has a lovely head shape, good skull to muzzle ratio, correct stop, strength of jaw and square drop of lip.  Front on muzzle is of good width but I would have preferred more chiselling to face.  Pleasing length of neck into a well developed front and correct shoulder placement.  Textbook topline and underline with belly well drawn up.  He could have perhaps been a touch stronger in croup but in mitigation he has well developed thighs providing a turn of stifle.  It was on the move that he really came into his own with terrific, lithe, ground covering stride, his back level and head held high.  In the challenge, despite still having some maturing to do, he outmoved all other contenders, pulling out all the stops to take the Dog CC, Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex. 2. Cunningham & Gilbert’s Lomondane Chuffed Tae Bits.  Tall fawn boy of 17 months who was somewhat finer all through than Jealous Guy, but he was well grown with adequate bone. Clean, well chiselled head which was in proportion to body.  Dry, crested neck leading into a firm topline which was pleasingly short.  Needing to develop in forechest and drop into his angles both fore and aft he did not have the overall body or substance to overcome the winner.  Very good length of leg and standing on lovely tight, cat-like feet.  An easy mover in profile but needing to strengthen behind.   3. Young’s Lomondane Dinnae Bother.

Yearling Dog (2) 1. Simpson’s Renescent Caught In a Spell.  Black dog of 21 months who pleased me for size, substance, bone and lovely coat.  Scored in head which was masculine without being overdone, good skull, muzzle and strength to jaw.  Lovely dark eye with tight rims lending themselves to a typical expression.  Well laid shoulders of correct angulation and firm topline although rather long cast for perfect balance.  He had a very developed turn of stifle.  A touch prominent in sternum he now needs to fill out with maturity and conditioning.  Excellent reach and length of stride when moving in profile, but rather weak when going away from me.  2. McGloin’s Danskerven Roger Dodger.  This 22 month old blue was attending his first show and needed time to settle into his role of the showman.  Well up for size and substance with good length of leg, he is still raw and needs to let down behind as he matures in order to present a more balanced outline.  Masculine headpiece with good length of muzzle, but could not match the eye of winner.  Strong neck of good length but could be cleaner at throat. Satisfactory shoulder, firm topline and loin.  Gave an excellent account of himself on the move with a smooth, easy action which was quite true from all angles.  I hope his owners persevere.

Novice Dog (3  1) 1. Pocock’s  Nordic Giants’s Leopold at Tamzdane. Big, strong, 17 month old harlequin boy of whom there can be no doubt as to musculature or sex.  Excellent bone and substance.  His head was in proportion to body, had excellent strength to jaw and muzzle but was too heavy in lip.  This, however, was mitigated somewhat by his good length of neck.  Very deep front but good width with correct angulation at shoulder.  He had brisket to elbow with clean underline drawing up to belly.  Firm topline and loin, but I found him almost too short-coupled which was confirmed on the move. He started the class a little unsettled but gained confidence by the end.  Purposeful mover if rather erratic in front, but good drive and strength from hock behind.  2. McGloin’s Danskerven Roger Dodger.

Post Graduate Dog (3  1) 1. Sneddon & Lawton’s Garsak Sir Mason at Thornbrae. Tall, elegant fawn of 2 years who was presented in solid condition; so well muscled. Clean head of good length with pleasing ratio of skull to muzzle and correct bite.  Dark eye, although rim could be tighter.   Good depth of body although needs to fill out at elbow.  He could have greater angulation at shoulder and stifle but these corresponded well so as to give an upstanding and balanced appearance in outline.  Topline was very firm and held both standing and on the move.  Strode out well on the move, covering the ground with exuberance and enthusiasm and with head held high, but could have been stronger at hock.   2. Barnett’s Dainoak Dreams of Blue at Dreamdiamont. Another clean outline on this 2 ½ year old blue who was fairly close up to the winner; I just preferred the overall balance and stronger croup of Sir Mason.  Reasonable head shape which was of good strength with breadth across the muzzle.  Clean neck leading smoothly into the wither.  A little straight in upper arm but shoulder blade was well laid back  Adequate width across the front but lacking a little depth of chest.  Good spring of rib and firm loin. He had just enough hind angulation with first and second thighs well developed.  Pleasing, steady mover in profile but not the agility of the winner.

Limit Dog (8  1) 1.  McGuinness, Nelson-McGuinness & Burns’ Garsak Sir Brodick Dinahtron.  Powerful and impressive fawn male who stood out for size and substance. Strong, well developed quarters and although a shade long cast, he compensated well with good length of leg and noble bearing.  Masculine headpiece with excellent headplanes, strength of jaw, dentition, eye and expression but heavy in lip. Strong, arched neck leading into a good shoulder and deep chest.  Good legs, bone and feet.  Lovely underline with good sweep up to belly and firm topline.  Correct width of thigh with adequate turn of stifle. Ground covering movement with great length of stride, but needs to tighten in front. At only 2 years and a big lad he still has maturing to do but more than held his own to take this class and was shortlisted for the CC.  2. Thurlby’s Santanna Special Legacy at Justinian (IKC).  2 ½ year old fawn male who appealed to me for his honesty and lack of exaggeration.   Lovely, typical head for shape and proportions, square drop of lip, correct breadth of muzzle and excellent bite. His length of foreface corresponded well to skull.  Ears were set correctly, not oversized and used well.  Good neck which flowed cleanly into his good front of depth and width.  I liked his angulation both fore and aft and he held a firm topline. He had a similar length of body to Sir Brodick and as such I felt he would benefit from greater length of leg to improve overall balance of outline.  Easy, free mover he carried himself well around the ring.  Close up to the winner, but not quite the confidence or height to body ratio.  3. Dyson’s Samdice Nobody Does it Betta (AI).

Open Dog (5 1) 1. Chappell’s Selmalda Ricochet (AI).  I was very impressed with this smart fawn boy of almost 3 years clearly coming into his prime and put down in first rate condition. Classic, clean outline without exaggeration, he was all of a piece demonstrating excellent balance. Correct angulation fore and aft, excellent length of leg, corresponding depth of body with lovely firm, short back. Very good head; correct length of foreface with width to muzzle, square drop of lip and excellent dentition.  Lovely dark eye which was tight and well set with alert expression.  His neck was of pleasing length flowing cleanly into a front of depth and correct width.  In the class he was handled to advantage carrying himself so well on the move with reach and drive whilst holding his outline.  Change of handler in the challenge meant that he was not given the opportunity to move out as well as he did in this class.  However, satisfied that he was still sound and given his outstanding confirmation, I was very pleased to award him the Reserve CC.  2.  Searle’s Droolakiss Midas Murrayvhayle.  I found this ultra-masculine brindle of 4 years to be quite charming with his kind eye, temperament and disposition.  More heavily built he did not have the overall elegance of Ricochet, but everything was in proportion.  Wonderful size, bone and substance without being coarse or cobby.  His head was strong, but well shaped with flat skull, corresponding length of muzzle of breadth with excellent strength of jaw completed by a scissor bite and well placed teeth of good size, all set atop a strong, arched neck.  Very well angulated at point of shoulder and stifle with well developed quarters of strength and depth held together by correct strong coupling.  On the move he covered the ground easily and soundly although was not quite as strong behind as the winner. 3.  Booth’s Tayhamblue Enola Gay.

Champion Dog (1) 1. Collett & Creamer’s Ch. Foaldown Secret Tribute JW.  3 ½ year old fawn I often admired from the ringside when he was younger. Now a worthy champion I was not disappointed with this opportunity to judge him.  A very honest dog, extremely well constructed with lovely quarters fore and aft being correctly angulated and well developed.  He presented a very good outline, standing reasonably foursquare.  Lovely head which was well shaped, of strength, in proportion to body and mounted on strong, crested neck of adequate length.  Excellent dentition, kind eye and typical expression.  Super depth of chest which was clean through to brisket with elbows well under body.  Pleasing topline with correct rise over the loin.  Moved out extremely well with a clean, lengthy stride maintaining outline.  Shortlisted for the CC, but carrying too much weight on the day when comparing his outline to those of the overall winners.    

Beginners Dog (1) 1. McGloin’s Danskerven Rodger Dodger.

Special Open Fawn Dog  (2  1) 1. Mitchell’s Oldcharm Markus at Elsimba. Rising 4 year old, big, strong boy who, when presenting himself, provided a reasonable outline.  Lovely, well proportioned head with good backskull, corresponding muzzle and strong jaw. Correct dentition, kind, tight, dark eye.   Stood on good bone with correct length of leg, clean front and correct underline with belly drawn up.  He would benefit from greater angulation behind to improve overall balance and topline, but he had a good spring of rib and adequate depth throughout.  Moved out soundly with head held high, but I would have liked more drive and strength from hock.

Special Open Brindle Dog (1) 1. Dyson’s Samdice Bond James Bond (AI). Very elegant dog of almost 3 years. Tall and clean with good length of leg.  His head was in proportion to body with square drop of lip, correct stop, and excellent eye mounted on a clean, arched length of neck.  He was quite immature needing to develop in depth of body and general musculature which was evident on the move where he was sound but lacking reach and drive.  I would have preferred greater angulation both fore and aft, but the angles did match and they may develop further with time as he finishes.  Pleasing croup and tailset holding his topline both standing and on the move.

Special Open Black Dog (2  1) 1. Simpson’s Renescent Caught In a Spell.

Special Open Blue Dog (3) 1. Mackenzie’s Carsan Vincent.  Honest 3 year old dog who was so well put together he could not fail to stand foursquare. I last judged him as a junior where he won the RCC and I was very pleased with his development in maturity.  Free from exaggeration his head pleased me for shape and proportions with enough drop of lip, excellent dentition, and lovely tight eye which was well set.  Good front of width and depth leading smoothly into a topline which was firm and strong with lovely firm loin although I would prefer a better tailset.  He was very good to go over with correct turn of stifle.  On the move he strode out with a clean and true action on a loose lead.  Not the showiest of dogs, his handler must take care to really get the best out of him.  Shortlisted for the CC.  2. Barnett’s Dainoak Dreams of Blue at Dreamdiamont.
3. McGloin’s Danskerven Rodger Dodger.

Special Open Harlequin Dog (3  1). Tempest’s Adoreadane Summer Sunshine. Reasonably well balanced and well marked male of 3 years. I liked his height to length ratio and very good turn of stile, although I would have preferred greater angulation at  point of shoulder.  Masculine head with good headplanes in profile but somewhat deep in stop and I would have preferred more length to foreface  Stands on a good straight front with correct bone legs and feet.  Brisket was to elbow and belly drawn up for a good underline.  He was shown in very good condition and well presented.  Pleasing profile picture on the move but rather proud of his tail.  2. Przybylska’s Big Dope Ozzy.  Masculine, strong and rather heavily marked boy of 3 ½ years.  Very well developed in quarters and body. Rather heavy in head and I would have preferred a tighter eye, but headplanes were good and overall shape was in proportion to his body.  Deep chest and strong bone with correct angles at shoulder and stifle.  Tailset and croup could have been better the latter affecting hind movement.  Shown in very good condition overall.

Special Open Mantle Dog (1) 1. Burton’s Ravedane Deal Me In with Elbarevol.  Mature, well marked boy of 4 ½ who was shown in good condition with gleaming coat and flowing outline. He did not stand over too much ground with correct angulation fore and aft.  Pleasing head shape with lovely broad muzzle and expressive dark eye.  Neck flowed well into wither and topline and he had a good underline.  Lovely depth and width to chest, but I would prefer great length of leg to improve balance. Tight pasterns and good feet.  Moved out well in profile, but very erratic when coming and going.

Ric Beall (Eppwood)

Ms L. & Mr A. Chappell – SELMALDA OH LORI (AI)

Ms L. & Mr A. Chappell – SELMALDA JEALOUS GUY (AI)

Mrs S.E. Southgate – MALBECIO RIOJA