2017 Freda Lewis Memorial Stakes

Judge Mr Gary Gough


CLASS 35 PUPPY DOG OR BITCH (12 Entries, 4 Absent)
1st – Grenadine Honeysuckle, 2nd – Dainoak Agent Provocateur, 3rd – Wunderhund Poised For Madjax,
Res – Roucandane Never Say Never To Anadain, Vhc – Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol.

CLASS 36 YEARLING DOG OR BITCH (8 Entries, 1 Absent, 1 Withdrawn)
1st – Jaydania Bjorn Borg, 2nd – Zefathers Crazy Diamond For Verano, 3rd – Adoreadane Just The Ticket,
Res – Thebyreblue True Valour At Keishant, Vhc – Bombadier Boy Via Leamap.

CLASS 37 OPEN DOG OR BITCH (5 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Tenaya Cherokee Lon Wolf, 2nd – Keirkane’s King Of The Throne JW,
3rd – Clannalba’s Noa Beul An Latte Of Tayhamblue.



I would like to thank the committee of the Great Dane club for inviting me to judge the Freda Lewis Memorial Stakes at their 2017 Championship show. I very much enjoyed my day and I appreciate all those that entered under me.

Class 35 – Puppy dog or Bitch
1st – Gretadane Honeysuckle. (Mrs H & Mr P Allison)
My first class and this 11 month old really caught my eye. Head carried high and elegance throughout. Well chiselled head, dark deep set eyes, nice drop of lip but not overdone & ears folded forward which all created a kind but alert expression. Correct scissor bite with very good dentition. Long neck leading to well set muscular level shoulders. Chest deep but very nicely proportioned. Front legs straight with tight feet. Well sprung ribs with very nice tuck up. Very nicely angled fore and rear. Correctly set tail which was of correct proportion reaching below the hock. Very powerful mover for such a youngster but composed. Covered the ground very well with a driving action and no Pinning when moving toward me. Very happy to award first place to this very promising youngster. Handled to perfection

2nd – Dainoak Agent Provocateur (Ms K Kingsley)
Again a very nice youngster of 10 months old. Very nice alert expression. Eyes not as clean as my first place but everything else in the right place. Very pleasing outline. Long neck leading to well-muscled shoulders. Chest well developed and deep, reaching the elbows. Feel nice and tight. Good croup leading to well muscled rear quarters. Good angulation fore and rear. Beautiful outline when moving, not losing its topline. Striding our with power.

Class 36 – Yearling Dog or Bitch
1st – Jaydania Bjorn Borg (Mrs S Bishton)
14 month old Fawn dog. Strong alert head with correct ear set and nice drop of lip which is not overdone, dentition very nice with correct scissor bite. Lovely long neck set on strong shoulders. Deep chest, straight front legs and nice tight feet. Good spring of rib and with a nice tuck up. Excellent croup and nice long tail. Very nice angles fore and rear. Well-muscled throughout and covered the ground on the move with ease.

2nd – Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano (Mrs S M Bourton)
A very close second for this quality 16 month old Fawn. Very alert expression, Nice dark deep set eyes, long foreface and correct dentition. Head carried high on a long well arched clean neck. Strong well angled shoulders, nice spring of rib and level topline. Nice angles fore and rear creating a very nice picture. Very well handled and moved well.

Class 37 – Open Dog or Bitch
 1st – Tenaya Cherokee Lone Wolf. (Mrs H Seddon)
Stunning 3 year old fawn dog who commands the ring. Everything in the right place. Classic head, very alert and yet kind expression, dark deep set eyes, long muzzle and very nice well-proportioned drop of lip. Correct dentition. Strong shoulders, well angled and leading onto straight legs and tight feet. Well muscled throughout and brought to the ring in stunning condition. Correct croup and tailset with very nicely muscled rear quarters. Covered the ground with ease, displaying strength when driving forward. This boy is fit for purpose!

2nd – Keirkane’s King of the Throne JW (Mrs O & Mr D Ryan & George)
Again a class dog of two years old. Very nice outline on the stand. Kind alert expression. Deep set dark eyes, correct dentition. Good length of neck and strong level shoulders. Nice deep chest and good angles to the fore. Feet nice and tight. Good spring of ribs and well ticked up. Croup was ok. Rear is well muscled and displays good angulation. Moved very nicely but not with the drive of my first place on the day. Very well handled.

Gary Gough

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