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Welcome To The Dane of the Month Photo Archive

Buy Medication Diazepam, Buy Valium Us

Buy Medication Diazepam, Buy Valium Us

Thank you for all the lovely pictures that you have all sent in for Dane Of The Month. There were lots of great photo’s but we are sure you will agree with our winning selection for January.

Please keep the photo’s coming in for next month’s competition.

We are pleased to announce the Winner and Runner-up for January 2013.

(click on images to enlarge)

February 2013 Winner


This is the lovely Paisley, a nine month old Merle from Poteet, Texas. Paisley has the most sweetest and loving personality.

Lovingly owned by Jennifer Swan.

February 2013 Runner Up

 “This Is Dooley”


Owned and Loved by Ronnie Jones

January 2013 Winner

“Mini and Dino”

Meet Mini and Dino having fun in last months snow.

Proudly owned by Tammy Pocock.

January 2013 Runner Up


A lovely picture of a Asia running free and enjoying herself on Talacre Beach in North Wales.

Owned and Loved by Maxine Abbott

December 2012 Winner

“Meet Lilah”

This is Lilah, our beautiful 5 month old Great Dane.  Loves: eating leaves, playing with our 3 year old Leonberger and racing round the garden like a loon.  Hates: the rain!

Proudly owned by Laura.

December 2012 Runner Up


This is Baby Titan, he is a 14 week old, black Great Dane,from Maun-Botswana in the position you most often find him. He is our second Great Dane and he give me a reason to smile every day.

Owned and Loved by Chere Diviney

November 2012

Sorry No Entries due to external website issues

October 2012 Winner

“Meet Finnlay”

Finnley is four months old in the photo, he lives with a lhasa also called penny, a deaf white cat called burak and an 8 week old kitten called fraggle. When he is old enough he will be trained to be a PAT Therapy dog because of his wonderful gentle giant nature. Photo sent in by Rachel

October 2012 Runner Up


This is tyra, she’s 2years of age and iv had her for 6 months. She was a rescue after being attacked by two breeding bitches she lived with. She is my first Dane and I don’t know how I have lived without one all this time!


Picture by Viki B

September 2012 Winner

“Cheerful Bentley”

This is Cheerful Bentley ready for his afternoon snooze before causing more mischief.

Photo sent in by Monika Mirando

 September 2012 Runner Up

“I Love You”

This is Arthur, saying “I love you, Mummy!” at age nine and a half weeks. But for definite, Mummy loves Arthur, too!

Photo Sent in by Zoe Axford

August 2012 Winner

“Cruz At Sunset”

Remember when we had sunshine? Well, this was taken on one of those days, just as it was going down…..this is our Cruz. Owned by Mandy & Chris Bithell

Photo sent in by Chris Bithell

 August 2012 Runner Up


Hi my name is Ester and I am 8 years old. My mother took this picture while I was looking at a fly.

Sent in by Pamela Hampson

July 2012 Winner

“The Blond Bombshell Brothers”

Litter Brothers Oakley & Rufus. This Photo was taken when they were about 3 weeks old and they were like little book ends. They were totally inseparable and are mirror images of each other.

Photo sent in by Tina Teese

 July 2012 Runner Up

Little & Large Tongues

Meet Dillion the Dane & Betty Boo the Boston Terrier who was Dillion’s original seeing dog. Betty used to wear a bell on her collar so he knew exactly where she was. Unfortunately Betty is now playing at Rainbow Bridge and is deeply missed. Dillion a 4 year old blind from birth dane now has a new best buddy Dexter the Doberman. They have great fun running around the fields and not having to worry about bumping into each other. Life is ‘Great’ just like me a Great Dane.

Sent in by Ken Williams

June 2012 Winner

“Just having a cuddle with my sister!!”

Pictured are Litter sisters Star and JJ from the Tenaya Apache litter. Both were inseparable at home.

Helen Seddon, Tenaya Great Danes

June 2012 Runner Up

Introducing CLAUDE

A 7 month old Tamzdane puppy owned and loved by James Hearle.

Claude is very dopey, but adorable. Living with his best friend Pierre another blue great dane, he is a beloved member of James’s family pack.


Its Easy To Take Part In Our Photo Competition

Its Free And Just For Fun Click the Paw For More

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