Non Breed Standard Colour – Merle

As you may be aware the Kennel Club has removed the option to register non Breed Standard Colours as CNR (Colour Not Recognised) from the end of July 2020. The Great Dane Breed Council has been asked by the Kennel Club which if any colours they wish to add under the replacement heading of Non Breed Standard Colour.

The Great Dane Breed Council Health Sub Committee is recommending to all member clubs that the colour Merle is added under the heading of Non Standard Colour as an option when registering a litter. The rationale being that Merle is a recognised naturally occurring Great Dane colour and by recording them separately it will provide better traceability within pedigrees.

The Great Dane Club Committee have discussed this at length and have agreed unanimously to support this recommendation and are writing to our members asking that they support their club in this decision.

It is important to note that this recommendation is for registration purposes and has no impact on Breeding, Exhibiting or the Breed Standard.

Please respond via email by 17/1/21 to David Simpson indicating if you agree or disagree with the recommendation of the GDC Committee to support the ability to register Merle Great Danes under the heading of Non Standard Colour?

The following flow chart which we hope will help to explain how the changes made by the kennel club affect the way Great Dane colours can be registered

Kind Regards

David Simpson
The Great Dane