2018 Champ Show Dog Results

Judge Mrs Jeanette Park



CLASS 1 SPECIAL VETERAN DOG (3 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st –Ravendane Equinox At Elleyenda, 2nd – Dainmajik Dante For Soupury.

CLASS 2 MINOR PUPPY DOG (4 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Foaldown Secret Tribute, 2nd – Dinahtron Rag N Bone Man,
3rd – Tamzdane Oat Of This Swirled At Deblouka.

CLASS 3 PUPPY DOG (5 Entries)
1st – Vanmore Nosey Parker At Castleon, 2nd – Shlarra Smooth Mover,
3rd – Oldcharm Markus At Elsimba,
Res – Fendanesylcrest American Son For Teeseedane (IMP USA),
Vhc – Dramadanes George Clooney.

CLASS 4 JUNIOR DOG (7 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Hoppingham’s Changes Selmalda, 2nd – Bourntwyn Rags To Riches,
3rd – Griffindane Tigris From Jaydania, Res – Zefather’s Under My Skin,
Vhc – Dramadanes Lord Oliver.

CLASS 5 YEARLING DOG (4 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Justinian Lord Bradley JW, 2nd – Culseandanes Tyrion The Imp,
3rd – Vanderzar I Am Louie

CLASS 6 NOVICE DOG (3 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Droolakiss Midas Touch, 2nd – Vanderzar I Am Louie.

CLASS 7 POST GRADUATE DOG (3 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Griffindane Athos, 2nd – Vanderzar I Am Louie

CLASS 8 LIMIT DOG (9 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st – Dainmajik The Wizard (AI), 2nd – Samdice My Hero,
3rd – Damarkann Marquisite, Res – Kinnegans Twisted Fire Starter,
Vhc – Bandwar For Aces High.

CLASS 9 OPEN DOG (4 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Ch Jaydania Bjorn Borg, 2nd – Ch Selmalda The journey JW,
3rd – Day Sue Born Ready

1st – Ch Jaydania Bjorn Borg,
2nd Zamu Zoran Giants May Be’s Place Murrayvhayle (IMP NLD)



1st – Droolakiss Re Attraction Via Emaneaz,
2nd – Griffindane Tigris From Jaydania.

1st – Danemoor Black Watche For Sarawen, 2nd – Bandwar For Aces High,
3rd – Lamborghini Von Der KieselbachQuelle (IMP DEU).

CLASS 15 SPECIAL OPEN BLUE DOG (4 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Sarawen Archdeacon, 2nd – Culseandanes Blue Posidon,
3rd – Bombadier Boy Via Leamap.

Class 16 SPECIAL OPEN HARLEQUIN ( 6 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Tamzdane Oh My Apple Pie JW, 2nd – Akura Final Frontier,
3rd -El Gasparo Vom Hause Black Diamond (Imp Deu),
Res – Shalrace The Maestro.

1st – Damarkann Marquisite, 2nd Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol.

Mrs S.Bishton – Ch Jaydania Bjorn Borg.

Mrs J & Mr S Thurlby – Justinian Lord Bradley JW.

Mrs L.M. Collett – Foaldown Secret Tribute.




The Great Dane Club Championship Show Sunday 5th August 2018
My thanks to the Great Dane Club for inviting me to judge the dogs at their Championship Show
And thanks to the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their dogs and my thanks to my very efficient
Stewards Tony and Julie Schaanning Ling.The conditions were very trying with the over powering heat
I enjoyed my day immensely. I was disappointed to find a few bad mouths.

Special Veteran Dog (3 1)

1 Warings Ravendane Equinox at Elleyenda Mantle 8 ½ in super condition lovely length of neck good Shoulders correct topline and tailset well muscled throughout moved really well.

2 Flanagans Dainmajik Dante for Soupury another mantle 8 yrs old heavier all through than winner Dark eye square drop of lip moved ok.

Minor Puppy Dog (4 1)

1 Colletts Foaldown Secret Tribute 8 months fawn dark eye lovely expression long clean neck well Filled front good second thigh for such a young boy moved really well one to watch for the future BPD BPIS

2 Mcguinness Dinahtron Rag n Bone Man 6months fawn nice head and dark eye good front and Shoulders a little finer than 1 moved well

3 Wheeler Tamzdane Oat of This Swirled at Deblouka

Puppy Dog (5)

1 Webb and Morgan Evans Vanmore Nosey Parker at Castleon Fawn 11 months nice head with dark eye Correct topline well muscled throughout well balanced moved well

2 Newtons Shlarra Smooth Mover fawn 11 months good head with good length of foreface Dark eye correct topline and tailset moved well.

3 Mitchell Oldcharm Marcus at Elsimba

Junior Dog (7 2)

1Chappell Hoppingham’s Changes Selmalda 12 month harlequin lovely expression dark eye good length of neck correct topline and tailset elbows tucked well under body well muscled hind quarters Moved really well

2 Bithell Bourntwyn Rags to Riches 18 months  fawn another really nice boy good expression square Drop of lip clean neck into good shoulders correct topline moved well

3 Bishton and Marriott Griffindane Tigris from Jaydania

Yearling Dog (4 1)

1 Thurlby Justinian Lord Bradley JW 22 months fawn lovely head full of expression long clean neck Good topline well filled front strong second thigh stands full square moved really well RCC

2 Sneddon and Booth Culseandanes Tyrion the Imp 19 month fawn  lovely expression square drop of lip Level topline strong hind quarters moved well could change placing two very nice boys

3 Davies Vanderzar I am Louie

Novice (3 1)

1 Lawson and Hunter Droolakiss Midas Touch nicely marked brindle lovely head with dark eye good shoulders and topline a little unsettled but still managed to move. Well

2 Davies Vanderzar I Am Louie Blue very unsettled nice make and shape gave handler a very hard time Moved ok

Post Graduate (3 1)

1Griffin and Grierson Griffindane Athos Fawn dark mask masculine head lovely expression good topline and hind quarters moved with drive 

2 Davies Vanderzar I Am Louie

Limit Dog (9 3)

1.Lady Ingram Dainmajik The Wizard Fawn lovely expression clean neck good lay of shoulder correct topline strong second thigh moved with drive

2 Dyson Samdice My Hero Fawn nice head with lovely expression good shoulders and topline well developed chest strong hind quarters move well

3 Kelleway Damarkann Marquisite 

Open Dog (4 1)

1 Bishton Ch Jaydania Bjorn Borg Fawn well balanced lovely head super expression long clean neck good shoulders into correct topline  well filled chest tight elbows moves with ease just loved this boy CC RBIS

2 Chappell and Williams Ch Semalda The Journey JW Fawn Another lovely boy full of quality masculine Head strong neck into good shoulders deep chest firm topline moved out well coming and going

3 Bollins Day Sue Born Ready

Champion Dog

1 Bishton Ch Jaydania Bjorn Borg

2 Searle Zamu Zoran Giants May Be’s Place Murrayvahayle (imp Nld)  Fawn nice head square drop of lip Good topline stands square moved ok.

Special Open Brindle (3 1)

1 Harrison Droolakiss Re Attraction via Emaneaz nice boy dark eye clean neck good lay of shoulder correct topline well developed second thigh moved well

2 Bishton and Marriott Griffindane Tigris from Jaydania well marked good head and shoulders clean neck Good front correct topline moved well

Special Open Black (3)

1 Pepper Danemore Black Watche for Sarawen in gleaming condition dark eye lovely expression straight Front clean neck good lay of shoulder correct topline strong hind quarters moved really well

2 Bollins Bandwar for Aces High another nice boy in good condition correct topline and tailset Well muscled  moved well

3 Allan Lamborghiini Von Der Kieselbachquelle (imp Deu)

Special Open Blue (4 1)

1 Pepper Sarawen Arch Deacon strong boy well muscled deep well filled chest straight bone strong hind quarters moved well

2 Sneddon Culseandanes Blue Posidon another nice boy in good condition gave the handler a hard time But stillmanaged to move ok

3 Southgate Bombadier Boy via Lemap

Special Open Harlequin (6 2)

1 Pocock Tamzdane Oh My Apple Pie JW well marked strong head square drop of lip clean neck Straight bone well developed chest strong hind quarters moved with drive

2 Shadbolt Akura  Final Frontier another nice boy stands full square strong through out moved well

3 Allan El Gasparo Vom Hause Black Diamond (imp Deu)

Special Open Mantle (2)

1 Kellaway Damarkann Marquisite well marked clean neck into good lay of shoulder firm topline good tailset strong hind quarters in lovely condition moved with drive

2 Burton Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol another really nice boy nice expression little finer than 1 Correct topline and tailset sound mover

Judge Jeanette Park