2016 Freda Lewis Memorial Stakes Results



CLASS 35 PUPPY DOG OR BITCH (9 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st – Tamzdane That’s My Jam, 2nd – Roucandane One In A Minion, 3rd – Lindeefay The Sweetest Love,
Res – Zefather’s Heartbreaker, Vhc Toponurs Asteria 

CLASS 36 YEARLING DOG OR BITCH (10 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Garsak Knowing Dinahtron, 2nd – Keirkane’s King Of The Throne, 3rd – Keirkane’s Kiss From Heaven,
Res – Renescent Love Heart, Vhc – Rayjen Aces High.

CLASS 37 OPEN DOG OR BITCH (8 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Ch Eddanes Rule The World Dinahtron, 2nd – Ch Bourntwyn In My Dreams JW,
3rd – NL Ch Zefather’s Total Minded ShCM, Res – Jaemluk’s Dannie Of Clunton, Vhc – Garsak Maia Sunset.


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The Great Dane Club, Championship Show, 7 August 2016.

Freda Lewis Memorial Stakes.

I would like to thank the committee of the Great Dane Club for providing me with the opportunity to judge the Freda Lewis Memorial Stakes classes at this show. The weather was superb and I found all of the Danes presented to me to be in lovely condition. My thanks to the exhibiters.

Puppy dog/bitch

  1. Pocock’s Tamzdane That’s my Jam, 10 mth old well marked harlequin dog with pleasing profile and good overall substance and bone, pleasing head but I would prefer a little less flews however overall a very well proportioned puppy. Good angles front and rear.  Superb movement, steady and maintaining topline while moving. Took everything in his stride and very well handled.

  2. Booths Roucandane one in a minion, 11 mth old fawn puppy dog well bodied exhibiting a strong front with deep chest, pleasing head and ear carriage, would prefer more rear angulation however nice all round puppy, moving out well and maintaining top line on the move, again well handled.

Yearling dog/bitch

  1. McGuinness’s Garsak Knowing Dinahtron, 14 mth old fawn bitch of quality, pleasing head, dark eyes, cat like feet, feminine throughout with pleasing angles fore and aft, well tucked up. Sound and consistent movement with topline held on the move.

  2. Robinson’s Preveli Manos, 5 and a half year old well angled fawn dog with correct head shape, would prefer darker eye however overall, moved well round the ring.

Open dog/bitch

  1. McGuiness’s Ch Eddanes Rule the World Dinahtron, 4 year old substantial  fawn dog of good shape and substance, dash and dare expression, pleasing head shape, ears held high, would prefer darker eye, however he projected great strength, unsettled on the move however I saw enough to award him this class.

  2. Bithell’s Ch Bourntwyn in my Dreams JW

    Jim Sneddon

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