Judge Mick Harrison


1st – Selmalda I’m Yours JW, 2nd – Ravendane Equinox At Elleyenda.


CLASS 3 PUPPY DOG (8 Entries, 4 Absent)
1st – Tamzdane That’s My Jam, 2nd – Roucandane One In A Minion, 3rd – Ravendane Hocus Pocus,
Res – Zefather’s Heartbreaker.

CLASS 4 JUNIOR DOG (6 Entries)
1st – Primus Breaking News, 2nd – Tamzdane Oh My Apple Pie, 3rd – Danemoor Black Watche For Sarawen,
Res – Keirkane’s King Of The Throne, Vhc – Jildadanes Invictus Of Internos (AI).

CLASS 5 YEARLING DOG (6 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Teeseedane Ragahnarr, 2nd – Sarawen Archdeacon, 3rd – Cwmgwyn Pwyll For Dainoak,
Res – Shalrace The Maestro, Vhc – Damarkann Laird Of The Glen.

CLASS 6 NOVICE DOG (8 Entries, 5 Absent)
1st – Tamzdane That’s My Jam, 2nd – Keirkane’s Introduction To Trijondane, 3rd – Day Sue Born Ready.

CLASS 7 POST GRADUATE DOG (8 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Zefather’s Sir Brian At Anadain, 2nd – Preveli Manos, 3rd – Kiajax Miami Beach At Stephandon,
Res – Annadanes Spaceman, Vhc – Dainmajik The Wizard (AI).

CLASS 8 LIMIT DOG (11 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st – Selmalda The Journey JW, 2nd – Selmalda Journey To The Line, 3rd – Justinian Must Be Magic,
Res – Leamap Strongbow At Jasnettdanes, Vhc – Preveli Be Yourself.

CLASS 9 OPEN DOG (8 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Ch Leamap Whiskey Galore JW, 2nd – Ch Selmalda Koochie Ryder JW,
3rd – Ch Eddies Rule The World Dinahtron, Res – Renescent Roliing Stones, Vhc – Annadanes Spaceman.

CLASS 10 BEGINNERS DOG (4 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st – Day Sue Born Ready.

CLASS 11 SPECIAL OPEN FAWN DOG (3 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Lindeefay Heartbreaker JW, 2nd – Prevail Be Yourself.

1st – Droolakiss Manson, 2nd – Roucandane The Illusionist.

CLASS 13 SPECIAL OPEN BLACK DOG (3 Entries, 1 Absent, 1 Withdrawn)
1st – CH Leamap Black Sabbeth With Sarawen. 

1st – Leamap Chivas Regal JW, 2nd – Cwmgwyn Pwyll For Dainoak, 3rd – Kiajax Miami Beach At Stephandon.

Class 15 SPECIAL OPEN HARLEQUIN ( 8 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Akura Final Frontier, 2nd – Tamzdane Oh My Apple Pie, 3rd – Bandwar Happy As Larry Jw ShCM,
Res – Alsphuzazz Fact Or Fiction Von Dramamines, Vhc – Damarkann Laird Of The Glen.

CLASS 16 SPECIAL OPEN MANTLE ( 3 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Ravendane Hocus Pocus, 2nd – Ravendane Equinox At Elleyenda.




Champ Show 2016



The Great Dane Club Championship Show 7/8/2016

A Big Thank you to the committee for my invite to judge the above show the weather was nice and sunny, I was well looked after all day as well as being helped along by 2 outstanding stewards.


1st Chapell & Dysons Selmanda im Yours JW 7.5 years fawn looking very grand and upstanding turned out in good condition, super head shape, well arched neck good shoulders well angled still as it on the move.

2nd Wareings Ravendane Equinox at Elleyenda 6.5 year’s mantle again in good sound condition, correct bite, nice shaped head good front & rear well angled moved well.

PD 8 (4A)

1st Pococks Tamsdane That’s My Jam What a stunning boy only 10 mths but caught my eye, this harli is the 1 to watch ,Gleaming pure white background with torn black patches, super head shape with parallel lines, correct bite, well set ears strong well placed shoulders level top line, correct tail set well-muscled body strong to front & rear moved out with drive and flowed around the ring making it look so easy a credit to the breeder what a team they make Pleased to award them DCC.

2nd Booths Roucandane One in a Minion 11.5 mths Fawn with a dark mask strong head shape good bite ,correct ear set well arched neck good shoulders well angled moved out well.

JD 6

1st Donnellys Primus Breakin News Nice fawn of good type rich colour to his coat dark mask correct head shape and dark eye, correct ear carriage arched neck level top line good angles strong mover smart boy.

2nd Pococks Tamsdane Oh my apple pie litter brother to cc winner again a good sized well grown harli for his age clean background with good markings correct head shape and ear strong body with good angles moved well.

YD 5

1st Teeses Teeseedane Ragahnarr A super well made large bodied rich Brindle with good stripes masculine head with a kind expression correct planes and ear set good bite long arched neck into well laid shoulders level top line well angled rear, tight feet pleasing overall picture moved with ease and strength covering the ground well very pleased to award him RDCC.

2nd Peppers Sarawen Archdeacon Blue boy with plenty to like strong and well-muscled body, good head and ear set strong neck good shoulders level top line strong rear moved well.

ND 8 (5A)

1st Pococks that’s My Jam

2nd Mc Donnells Keirkanes Introduction to Trijondane Fawn of 19 mths well grown boy with a dark mask pleasing overall picture good body shape and make nice pleasing head with correct ear set level top line good angles tight feet dark nails moved well.

PGD 8 (2A)

1st Mc Lellans Zefathers Sir Brian at Anadane Good quality strong masculine boy a rich red fawn with a correct head shape and ear carriage dark eye strong neck level top line stood square good rear end moved out well.

2nd Robinsons Preveli Manos another strong fawn male of good quality good make and shape pleasing head dark mask correct bite good well set ears long neck level top line moved with drive.

LD 11(3A)

1st Chappell & Williams Selmanda the Journey Jw A rich fawn of good substance very strong front good head shape with correct ear set dark eye correct bite a lot to like about this sizeable boy good angles level top line held well on the move well handled.

2nd Chappell & Dysons Selmanda Journey to the line Strong fawn litter brother to 1 again good head with dark mask dark eye strong body with good angles tight feet movement not as good as his brother today.

OD 8 (2A)

1st Prices CH leamap Whiskey Galore Very smart black with super ring presence turned out in top condition well made large framed body with a correct head shape good bite correct ear carriage well arched neck level top line strong well-muscled rear moved out with drive.

2nd Chappells CH Selmanda Kouchie Rider JW Fawn of good quality not the the largest but all together short coupled and stood square correct head shape and dark mask correct ear set arched neck level top line firm rear handler getting the best from this boy.

BD 4(3A)

1st Bollons Daysue Born Ready Harli stood alone in nice condition , Good ear carriage and good bite a little rangy for me and unsettled in the ring both need to start and work together to get the most from out of this boy.

SOF 3(1A)

1st Drews Lindeefay Heartbreaker JW Good size strong boy with a solid front & rear good head shape dark mask correct ear set good bite nice length of neck held top line on the move

2nd Robinsons Prevelli Be Yourself good shape well put together not as heavy as 1 pleasing head correct ear set, correct bite, good shoulders level top line held well on the move.

SOB 3(1A)

1st Lawson & Hunter Droolakiss Manson Strong substantial brindle rich back ground colour with good stripes a well put together boy with correct head shape and dark eye ,correct ear set, level top line strong front and rear moved out well.

2nd Ellis Khannas Rouandane the illusionist Darker than 1 again with good stripes nice head shape with dark eye correct bite well angled but a little rangy but moved around the ring with ease.

SOB 3(2A)

1st Peppers Ch leamap Black Sabbath with sarawen stood alone but what a good looking boy with gleaming coat and large well muscled body, super head shape and ear carriage long arched neck into well laid shoulders firm front and well angled strong rear moved with power.


1st Prices leamap Chivas Regal JW Another quality boy nice deep slate blue, stood square solid body on a well sized body good head shape and ear set good bite arched neck good angles moved well.

2nd Kingleys Cwmgwgn Pwyll for Dainoak smaller than 1 close coupled in good condition solid body good head and ear correct bite level top line held on the move.

SOH 8(2A)

1st Shadbolts Akura Final Frontier A harli of good size and substance solid body with good markings good head shape and correct ear set, good bite, arched neck into well laid shoulders ,level top line strong front and rear moved out well with drive

2nd Pococks Oh My Apple Pie


1st Scarsbrook Ravendane Hocus Pocus Good looking boy of good proportions nice shape and make nice head good ear set and bite good angles firm rear moved well.

2nd Ravendane Equinox At Ellyenda

DCC Pococks OH My Apple Pie

RCC Teeses Teeseedane Ragahnarr

BPD CC Winner

Judge Mick Harrison

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