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Bitch Judge : Jill Cranfield

1st Rayjen Aces High, 2nd Tamzdane All Or Nutting, 3rd Sapeck Midnight Star

1st Adoreadane Make Your Marc, 2nd Paper Moon’s Heavy Fuil To Jaydania (IMP), 3rd Opportunity Zo Good In Black Of Jaydania (IMP), Res Saalan Slipstream,VHC Droolakiss Gold N Glamour

1st Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice, 2nd Ravendane Frozen With Tamzdane, 3rd Opertunity Zo Good In Black Of Jaydania, RES La Toya Jackson Arcano

1st Janriche Miss Congeniality, 2nd Ravendane Maleficent For Harvaxe, 3rd Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice, RES Smalltall’s Fairytale (IMP NOR), VHC Dainmajik Witch’s Brew (AI)

1st Droolakiss Stripe A Pose, 2nd Primus Rumour Asit At Landgraf, 3rd Dainmajik Witch’s Brew (AI)

1st Jeamloks Dannie Of Clunton, 2nd Lindeefay Heart Of Glass, 3rd Rayjen Ace Of Diamonds, RES Leamap Bombay Sapphire

Valium Sales Online Uk - Buy Generic Diazepam 10Mg

1st Ravendane Rose Liqueur, 2nd Lukyma Athena By Bandwar


1st Droolakiss Kerfuffle

1st Saalan Show & Go, 2nd Garsak Maia Sunset

1st Leamap Black Caviar At Sarawen

1st Ravendane Rose Liqueur, 2nd Leamap Iron Maiden JW, 3rd Rayjen Ace Of Diamonds, RES Renescent L’Esperance, VHC Leamap Bombay Sapphire

1st Ravendane Frozen With Tamzdane, 2nd Jeamloks Dannie Of Clunton

1st Jorgei Contessa Of Lambrini


Mr & Mrs Day & Fry
Janriche Miss Congeniality

Mrs K Smith
Jorgei Contessa Of Lambrini

Mrs S Tempest
Adoreadane Make Your Marc

Bitch Critique

Great Dane Club open show 22/11/15 Bitch`s .

Thank you to the committee of the Great Dane club, I had a very enjoyable day.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3 (3)

1st Rayjen Aces High, 7 month old Blue with plenty of bone, nice tight dark eyes with kind expression, nice neck going into well laid shoulders, good topline held on the move, enough bend of stifle for age, tight feet, pasterns still need to strengthen, a little loose on the move at the moment,

2nd Tamzdane All or Nutting. 6 month well mark harlequin, nice dark eye, good length of foreface, lovely arched neck, good shoulders and well filled chest for age, very bum high at moment, A little erratic on the move but still a promising puppy.

Puppy Bitch 6 (1)

1st Adoreadane make your Marc. 9 month old well marked Mantle. A elegant but well built bitch who was presented to perfection, good head planes, lovely long neck going into well laid shoulders, lovely topline which she held on the move, good bend of stifle, moved with plenty of drive. Very pleased to award her best puppy bitch and then went on to win Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Paper Moon`s Heavy Fuil To Jaydania (imp) 11 month old fawn, heavier built then 1 but still elegant, good head planes, good length of foreface, well filled chest and deep brisket, looked a picture on the stand but didn’t want to move today.

Junior Bitch 5 (1)

1st Selmalda Journey to Melody at Samdice. Elegant head with dark mask, lovely arched neck, correct spring of rib, good rear angulation,

2nd Ravendane Frozen with Tamzdane. Harlequin Bitch, pure white background with torn black patches, dark eye and good length of foreface, good topline, lovely rear angulation , very close between 1st & 2nd,these could easily change places.

Yearling Bitch 6 (0)

1st Janriche Miss Congeniality. Spotted this bitch as soon as she came into the ring and I couldn’t take my eyes of her, A elegant but well built fawn, correct head planes, dark mask, dark eyes, long foreface. Lovely long arched neck going into well laid shoulders, well filled front, deep ribcage, good topline which was held on the move, correct rear angulation and moved with so much drive, Best Bitch and from Referees decision Best In Show. Huge Congratulations.

2nd Ravendane Maleficent for Harvaxe. Another lovely bitch that had so much presents, Harlequin good head planes and ear set, lovely arched neck and good topline., considered for Res best Bitch but sadly did not move as well in the challenge as she did in this class.

Novice Bitch 4 (1)

1st Droolakiss Stripe A Pose. 9 month old Brindle, plenty of bone, good head planes and very kind expression, good length of foreface. Nice tight feet, nice spring of rib, rear angulation still needs to drop. Moved well.

2nd Primus Rumour Asit At Landgraf. Fawn with Good head planes & long foreface. Ok angles front and rear, good topline. Was unsettled being gone over and on the move.

Post Graduate 4 (0)

1st Jeamloks Dannie of Clunton. Heavily marked harlequin, head ok, good neck and shoulders, well filled chest, good brisket, ribs well sprung. Good topline. Could do with more rear angulation. Moved very well.

2nd Lindeefay Heart of Glass. Elegant fawn bitch, nice head planes, good length of foreface, arched neck and shoulders. Well filled chest and sprung ribs, good topline. Was a little unsettled on the move.

Limit Bitch 4 (4)

Open Bitch 3 (1)

1st Ravendane Rose Liqueur Lovely Blue. Dark eye, enough foreface. Lovely neck going into well laid shoulders, well filled chest and good spring of rib. Level topline, enough rear angulation.

2nd Lukyma Athena by Bandwar. Well marked Harlequin, lighter built then my winner, good length of neck, good topline and rear angulation.

Special Brindle Open Bitch 1 (0)

1st Droolakiss Kerfuffle, Good head and neck, well filled chest, deep brisket and spring of rib, good topline but carrying a little too much weight which affected the movement.

Special Open Fawn Bitch 2 (0)

1st Saalan Show & Go. Very elegant bitch, correct head planes & length of foreface, nice kind eye, arched neck going into well laid shoulders, good topline, another that really didn’t want to move today.

2nd Garsak Maia Sunset, Finer fawn to my winner, Feminine head, nice dark mask and dark eye, preferred the shoulders and topline on my winner.

Special Open Black Bitch 1 (0)

1st Leamap Black Caviar At Sarawen, Black is Black, Coat in Gleaming condition, good head planes, enough foreface and dark eye. Arched neck into well laid shoulders, carrying a little too much weight which sadly affected her topline and movement.

Special Open Blue 5 (0)

1st Ravendane Rose Liqueur.

2nd Leamap Iron Maiden jw. Another Lovely Bitch, arched neck into ok shoulders, level topline with enough rear angulation. I just preferred the head of my winner but could easily change places.

Special Open Harlequin Bitch 2 (0)

1st Ravendane Frozen With Tamzdane.

2nd Jeamloks Dannie Of Clunton.

Special Open Mantle Bitch 1 (1)

1st Jorgel Contessa of Lambrini. A very correctly marked, elegant tall bitch That makes her presence known. Correct head planes, lovely long arched neck going into ok shoulders, good topline and tuck up. Good rear angulation, Moved very well with plenty of drive, Reserve Best Bitch.

Judge Miss Jill Cranfield ( Zefather )

The Great Dane Club, its Officers and Committee do not promote individual breeders or kennels and accept no responsibility for the content of any website who's link is published here