2015 Memorial Stakes Results and Critique



CLASS 35 PUPPY DOG OR BITCH ( 12 Entries, 4 Absent)
1st – Preveli Frozen Assett (AI), 2nd – Jaydania Devil In Disguise For Bengrafton, 3rd – Jaydania I’m No Angel, RES – Cwmgwyn Pwyll For Dainoak, VHC – Ravendane Frozen With Tamzdane.

CLASS 36 YEARLING DOG OR BITCH ( 13 Entries, 3 Absent )
1st – Lindeefay Heart Of Glass, 2nd – Dainoak Fortuna, 3rd – Dainwood Treasure Trove At Jaydania, RES – Alsphuzazz Fit For Function, VHC – Justinian Tiger Lily.

CLASS 37 OPEN DOG OR BITCH ( 12 Entries, 7 Absent)
1st – Jaydania Georgia Of Bengrafton ShCM, 2nd – Nikami Exotic Spice, 3rd – Rayjen Ace Of Diamonds, RES – Garsak Maia Sunset, VHC – Alsphuzazz Dolce Donum.


The Great Dane Club
Freda Lewis Memorial Stakes 02/08/15

I would like to thank the Great Dane Club Committee for inviting me to judge today and for running what not only is a very professional and well organised show but also maintaining a relaxed garden party atmosphere for all who attend. I was very pleased and grateful to all of the exhibitors who gave me such a lovely entry across all 3 classes.

Special Puppy D/B 12 (4)
1st Baker’s Preveli Frozen Assett (AI) 7 months old Fawn Bitch who caught my eye from the moment she entered the ring. Standing she was well balanced throughout, elegant but with plenty of bone and substance and a true ready to go attitude. Expressive head with good reach of neck into well laid shoulders and correct topline which she held on the move. At times she gave her handler a hard time but once settled she covered the ring with ease. This girl surely has a bright future ahead of her.
2nd Humphries Jaydania Devil In Disguise for Bengrafton 9 months old Fawn Dog who was unlucky to meet the first on the day. Another promising puppy who is a little more raw at this time but has so much to offer. Good head with parallel planes, long neck, well covered body with good angulation front and rear allowing him to move around the ring with reach and drive. Like often with the boys just needs time to mature. 

Special Yearling D/B 13 (3)
1st Drew’s Lindeefay Heart of Glass Elegant Fawn Bitch with scissor bite, correct length of fore face, good eyes and parallel planes. Nice neck and topline, well-muscled with good angulation front and rear. Covered the ring well.
2nd Kingsley’s Dainoak Fortuna 21 month Harlequin Bitch with balanced outline. Good head planes and well arched neck into correct lay of shoulders. Well balanced throughout just needs a little more time to finish. Move well once settled. 

Special Open D/B 12 (7)
1st Humphries Jaydania Georgia of Bengrafton ShCM Fawn bitch who I have admired for some time. Not the biggest of bitches but everything in proportion and well balanced throughout. Beautiful head refined and well chiselled, well placed triangular ears she uses her expression to the full. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders into correct topline which she held on the move. Good angulation front and rear, well-muscled throughout allowing her to move with reach and drive. 
2nd Abbott’s Nikami Exotic Spice 2 ½ year old fawn bitch. I admired this bitch as a puppy and I am pleased to see how well she has progressed. Bigger in frame than the first but sharing many of the same qualities with a good length of fore face and correct head planes. A little longer than first but this did not detract from her outline. At one with her handler and moved around the ring with reach and drive. 

David Simpson (Renescent)