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Judge Adam Chappell


1st – Vanmore Stiff Upper Lip, 2nd – Internos The Heavyweight, 3rd – Stagbatch So Smart, Res – Sereno Button Moon.

CLASS 2 MINOR PUPPY DOG (6 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st – Bourntwyn In For A Penny, 2nd – Preveli Nickel And Dimes (AI), 3rd – Preveli Top Dollar.

CLASS 3 PUPPY DOG (3 Entries)
1st – Teesedane Ragahnarr, 2nd – Jaydania Devil In Disguise For Bengrafton, 3rd – Dinahtron Dont Stop Me Now.

CLASS 4 JUNIOR DOG (Entries, 3 Absent)
1st – Droolakiss Re Attraction Via Emaneaz, 2nd – Leamap Whiskey Galore JW, 3rd – Meherzugi Williem (Imp HUN), Res – Garsak Sir Nigel At Elsimba, VHC – Vanmore Charlie Brown.

CLASS 5 YEARLING DOG (6 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Diplomatic’s Nicolas Cage JR To Garsak (Imp SWE), 2nd – Madjax The Machiavellian, 3rd – Leamap Strongbow At Jasnettdanes, Res – Lindeefay Heartbreaker JW, VHC – Preveli Be Yourself.

CLASS 6 NOVICE DOG (4 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Droolakiss Re Attraction Via Emaneaz, 2nd – Madjax The Machiavellian, 3rd – Alsphuzazz Fact Or Fiction.

CLASS 7 POST GRADUATE DOG (6 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Carranisle Masked Monsieur, 2nd – Justinian It Must Be Magic, 3rd – Akura Final Mission With Carsan, Res – Vanderzar Love Me Two Times.

CLASS 8 LIMIT DOG (4 Entries, 1 Withdrawn)
1st – Zamu Zoran Giants May Be’s, 2nd – Calchas Willobee Wiseman, 3rd – Dainoak Fides Et Veritas.

CLASS 9 OPEN DOG (4 Entries)
1st – Vanmore Never Say Never To Kazabbie, 2nd – Ch Eddanes Rule The World Dinahtron, 3rd – Roucandane The Witchdoctor, Res – Madjax The Lothario.

1st – Madjax The Machiavellian, 2nd – Alsphuzazz Fact or Fiction.

1st – Carranisle Masked Monsieur.

1st – Highesteem Loch Song At Danetime, 2nd – Droolakiss Manson, 3rd – Dainmajik The Alchemist.

1st – CH Leamap Black Sabbeth With Sarawen, 2nd – Akura The Final Mission With Carsan JW.

1st – Leamap Chivas Regal JW, 2nd – Internos Emperor from Vanderzar.

Class 15 SPECIAL OPEN HARLEQUIN ( 4 Entries, 1 Withdrawn)
1st – Bandwar Happy As Larry JW ShCM, 2nd – Akura Final Frontier, 3rd – Alsphuzazz Fact Or Fiction.

1st – Ravendane Flash Gordon For Roucandane, 2nd – Ravendane Equinox At Elleyenda.

Ravendane Flash Gordon For Roucandane.

CH Leamap Black Sabbeth With Sarawen.

Bourntwyn In For A Penny.



The Great Dane Club Single Breed Championship Show
Sunday 02nd August 2015.


Order Valium From Canada - Buy Valium In Australia


Class 1 Special Veteran Dog

1st Ellerbeck’s Vanmore Stiff Upper Lip, Fawn of 7 years young, very sprightly, free moving and energetic, not the biggest but presented an overall balanced outline, good, clean dentition, pleasing head piece of equal proportions and kind eye, no coarseness, clean neck, depth and breadth of brisket, little long in loin. Well muscled. He is at one with his owner who presented him very well.

2nd Battersby’s Internos The Heavyweight. Balanced Blue, not as outgoing on the move and needed to be extended more. An adequate length of foreface, good dentition, strong neck. Well covered all over, depth to chest, strong back and angulated behind.

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

1st Alway’s Bourntwyn In For a Penny. Such a balanced Fawn of 8 months, super flowing outline which he retained on the move and this won him his awards today. Good dentition, black mask, pleasing headpiece and all as it should be for this age, well defined neck and flow into shoulder, his topline strong and maintained at all times. Reasonable croup, muscled quarters and just the correct amount of angulation with good second thigh. When into his stride his movement was purposeful, coming and going, and he held his tail well. For sure he needs some ring practice but I am confident a very promising future lies ahead. He was my BPD and delighted when my co-judge agreed with regards to his attributes and was awarded BPIS.

2nd Sainsbury’s Preveli Nickel And Dimes (AI). Really needs to be left at home for another few months until he settles into himself. Fawn dark pigment all through, his head planes still need to develop, long and narrow and hopefully when mature will improve his slightly loose eyelid. I can visualize a super head piece on him in another year. Well off for bone and standing on good feet, reasonable length of neck, he has depth of brisket, which is well developed for his youthful seven months, but he is tending to arch his topline, which certainly doesn’t help his movement. Has sufficient angulation behind albeit needs to strengthen to carry his body. Needless to say his movement was a little erratic.

Class 3 Puppy Dog

1st Teese’s Teeseedane Ragahnarr, typical rangy raw Golden Brindle with good length to leg, his pasterns and feet need working on, pleasing head of good proportions, clean and without coarseness, slightly light eye, good dentition, well up to size for his nine months, length of neck into reasonable shoulder, retained his topline all through. Slightly long in loin, his rear quarters well angulated albeit I would like to see more width of second thigh and his muscletone development which should be a little further advanced. His movement was typical for his make and shape today.

2nd Humphries Jaydania Devil In Diguise Fawn, he was a little reluctant today, not the biggest and needs to settle into himself and got there in parts. Pleasing head, which is not overdone, good bite, dark eye. Reasonable neck. Good feet, level topline which he maintained on the move. A tendency to tuck under his rear a little at times but once settled he presented a reasonable picture. Movement okay, a developing nine month old youngster.

Class 4 Junior Dog

1st Harrison’s Droolakiss Re Attraction Via Emaneaz. Great sized light Brindle of fifteen months, all male, he has presence and is balanced, when he settled on the move he maintained his topline. Masculine, well defined head piece, good dentition, strong neck. Well filled front, he is not the finished article, but all is there to appreciate. Depth, width and sufficient angulation behind. His feet and pasterns are not his fortune at the moment but overall a pleasing specimen.

2nd Price’s Leamap Whiskey Galore J.W., Black, another all male, good length to foreface and kind, dark eye, clean neck into shoulder and depth all through. Would have preferred a stronger topline, he is well muscled, angulated, his movement purposeful albeit a little erratic, slightly long in loin in proportion to height.

Class 5 Yearling Dog

1st Armour & Hooker’s Diplomatic’s Nicolas Cage Jr To Garsak (Imp SWE.), All male Fawn, good dentition. Strong head of good proportions and clean all through, length to foreface, dark eye. Reasonable neck into shoulder, well filled front, strong straight bone, depth, width, short topline, width of stifle, angulation and pleasing overall balance. When he got his stride together he moved okay, one of the five shortlisted but then let himself down on the move.

2nd Stapleford’s Madjax The Machiavellian, good sized, but very lightly marked Harle, super long clean head planes, length of foreface, dentition. Well marked head, lovely long clean neck, body well made all through, clear white albeit very little torn body patches. Well angulated. Super muscletone throughout. So powerful on the move with good stride and drive from rear, flowed around with great presence which won him his place. Unfortunately played his handler up!

Class 6 Novice Dog

1st Harrison’s Droolakiss Re Attraction Via Emaneaz.

2nd Stapleford’s Madjax The Machiavellian.

Class 7 Post Graduate Dog

1st Stevens & Squires Carranisle Masked Monsieur, Fawn, well balanced outline with flow from nose to tail, slightly long cast, strong bone, straight front and feet. Good length of head, in proportion, with no coarseness. Good bite, length and flow of neck into well placed shoulder. Level back which he retained on the move. Good angles behind and well maintained muscle throughout. He is in great condition and a credit to his owner.

2nd Holland’s Justinian It Must Be Magic, tall upstanding Fawn with dark pigmentation, pleasing head piece of equal proportion with great reach of neck, level back, would like a little more width to stifle, he needs to mature in body and wished he’d kept his elbows in on the move. He was a fidget.

Class 8 Limit Dog

1st Searle’s Zamu Zoran Giants May Be’s Place Murrayvhayle (Imp. NED.), young rich red Fawn, full of personality keeping his handler on her toes. Flowing outline. Good dentition, dark eye, alert expression with length of foreface. Long, strong neck, into well laid back shoulder and well filled in front. Width and depth all through, good coupling and angled quarters. Movement true coming and going, he is light on his feet. One of the five in consideration in the challenge but unfortunately then didn’t go so well.

2nd Henshall’s Calchas Willobee Wiseman, Harle of good proportions. Well balanced all through, off putting merle patch but his overall conformation outweighed this. Good length, loose haw detracted slightly, but headpiece overall pleasing. Average neck, good well filled front and lay of shoulder. Level back, held on the move, muscled and angulated quarters. Sound moving.

Class 9 Open Dog

1st Jacob’s Vanmore Never Say Never To Kazabbie, Brindle of good size. His handler did a sterling job of presenting this dog to his full advantage, impressive stance with overall pleasing outline. His foreface is long, his head planes correct and parallel, reasonable neck, well filled in, neck flows into shoulder into topline, his rear is not his fortune, would prefer slightly more angulation and width of stifle and this reflected in his rear movement, his movement was sound.

2nd McGuinness’ Ch. Eddanes Rule The World Dinahtron, Fawn, great size and presence albeit I felt he suffered with the heat today. Upstanding, strong neck carrying a head of good length, bite, and dark pigment. His neck flow into topline is flowing, he has strong bone and good feet, he is longer in body than I prefer, more width and turn of stifle would enhance.

Class 10 Beginners Dog

1st Stapleford’s Madjax The Machiavellian.

2nd Allan’s Alsphuzazz Fact Or Fiction, compact proportions for this young Harle, not the clearest of markings and his loose haw detracts, good bite. Muscled quarters and standing on tight feet. I am sure the owner would benefit from some handling/presntation guidance.

Class 11 Special Open Fawn Dog

1st Stevens & Squires Carrnisle Masked Monsieur.

Class 12 Special Open Brindle Dog

1st Gifford’s Highesteem Loch Song At Danetime, Super sized, very dark Brindle, all male, flow of outline from nose to tail, very proud, good proportions to a classic head, long foreface and not overdone in the jowel, good dentition. Super proud neck flowing into good lay of shoulder, topline and croup, he has depth and width all through. He is long in the loin and tends to elbow albeit this is the best I have seen him move, really strode out in his class and as a consequence down to the final five for further consideration. He let himself down on the move in the last run in.

2nd Lawson & Hunter’s Droolakiss Manson, another masculine, strong, well balanced sort, again a little long cast. Heavier type head than 1, dark mask, he is lightly marked and has a good mouth. Carries his head well. Solid all through. slightly dip in his spine, muscled all through. Width to rear and just the correct amount of angulation behind. He moved with purpose.

Class 13 Special Open Black Dog

1st Pepper’s Ch. Leamap Black Sabbath With Sarawen, pleasing overall outline, he is balanced and well made. This was reflective in his movement who I felt would have moved all day if asked of him, he was true both coming and going. Good bite, dark eye, head of good length and proportions. Strong neck, albeit I would prefer another inch on it, reasonable shoulder, good feet, depth and width to brisket, table-top topline, sparkling condition, muscled and angulated rear. RCC.

2nd Mackenzie’s Akura Final Mission With Carsan J.W., Smaller than 1, overall pleasing picture, his head his not his forte, slightly coarse in back skull. Dark eye, good bite and super condition. Would have preferred a stronger topline. His rear quarters proved useful giving him sound movement coming and going.

Class 14 Special Open Blue Dog

1st Price’s Leamap Chivas Regal J.W., super Blue, very pleasing all through. Would prefer a darker eye, but his overall outline is appealing and I can appreciate why this dog is gaining his accolades. All male, length of foreface, dentition, strong neck, slight wrinkle over shoulder as he is a little straight in upper arm. Depth and breadth all through, level topline. Angulated quarters, he was energetic and lively on the move.

2nd Davies Internos Emperor From Vanderzar, not the best I have seen him and perhaps suffering with the temperature. Longer cast than 1 and would prefer another inch on his leg, strong headpiece and a good reach of neck, level topline but slightly over angulated to the rear. He is not enjoying the best of coats at the moment. I feel some muscle tone would help with his erratic movement.

Class 15 Special Open Harlequin Dog

1st Black’s Bandwar Happy As Larry J.W. ShCM. One of the very few well marked Harles I witnessed today, crystal white background and torn patches. Overall good proportions and size, upstanding, balanced head piece with attentive expression. His pastern/feet are not his fortune, in profile he is foresquare and balanced, good width all through, strong back, well angulated quarters he is stylish, presents himself well on the move retaining his outline. Well angled quarters with muscle, he excelled on move.

2nd Shadbolt’s Akura Final frontier, Shorter coupled male, another properly marked Harle. Eye slightly detracted, his head is a little coarse at the back, reasonable neck, well filled front. Angled behind although a tendency to be a little cow hocked at times. His front needs to develop but feel this is just age related .

Class 16 Special Open Mantle Dog

1st Booth’s Ravendane Flash Gordon For Roucandane. Certainly saved the best until last. Delighted when this very stylish young dog entered the ring. He has so many attributes to offer, super coat condition, it shone, with well defined markings coupled with a balanced flowing outline presented a lovely silhouette picture. His head proportions, parallel planes, clean cut, with no excess skin, coupled with dark kind eyes are very seldom found. He carried his headpiece high on a reasonable arched, strong neck, good shoulders flowing into his topline, well filled front with width and depth all through. Reasonable croup, sufficient angulation and good width of stifle. This dog flows from nose to tail he carries himself well on the move retaining his outline at all times. CC.

2nd Waring’s Ravendane Equinox At Elleyenda, Portly lad who would benefit from losing a few pounds. Pleasing overall profile outline. Good bite, reasonable neck length, level topline, would prefer to see more width to stifle and a little more angulation behind. He was a little lethargic on the move, perhaps the change of handler.

Order Valium From MexicoAdam Chappell (Judge).

The Great Dane Club, its Officers and Committee do not promote individual breeders or kennels and accept no responsibility for the content of any website who's link is published here