2018 Members Limited Show


 Venue : Chieveley Village, High Street, Chieveley


Mr David Simpson (RENESCENT)

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The Great Dane Club Members Limited Show 28/5/18

Puppy Dog (3,0)

1st Allan’s Dramadanes George Clooney, 6 months old Black dog. Head of good proportions with correct length of foreface carried on arched neck. Well filled front for age, good depth of brisket and well drawn up belly. Body well covered, correct topline and tail set moved around the ring with ease once settled.

2nd  Bielecka’s Tenishi With Red Ribbon, 10 months old Harlequin dog. Strong masculine head of good proportions on well arched neck flowing in to correctly placed shoulders. Well filled chest, good body and bone throughout. A large framed very promising puppy who just needs time.  A little loose and unsettled at on the move but settled when moved more slowly. 

3rd Allan’s Dramadanes Lord Oliver

Harlequin Dog (1,0)

1st Allan’s El Gasparo Vom Hause Black Diamond (IMP DEU) 22 months. Pleasing all male head of good proportions, good length of fore face and square in lip. Strong neck, well laid back shoulder, good depth of brisket, well sprung ribs and good tuck of belly. Full of spirit on the day but moved well once settled.

Black Dog (1,0)

1st Allan’s Lamborghini Von Der Kieselbachquelle (IMP DEU) Substantial 23 months old Black Dog who is maturing nicely. Masculine head but not overdone, good level planes parallel throughout, correct dark eye. Long arched neck, well laid back shoulders with good front and rear angulation. Good depth of brisket, chest needs a little more fill but we shouldn’t forget he is only 23 months old and there is plenty of time. Strong in loin, correct tailset and level topline which he held as he moved around the ring with reach and drive.

Mantle Dog (1,0)

1st Burton’s Ravendane Deal Me In With Elbarevol 19 months old Mantle dog who presents such a pleasing overall picture and certainly is another one to watch for the future. Correct parallel head planes, good length of foreface and dark eyes. Well filled front with correct shoulder placement, forelegs having strong flat bone strong pasterns and cat like feet. Strong loins, correct topline and tail set. Well muscled hindquarters with good turn of stifle and well let down hocks allowing him to exhibit good reach and drive on the move.  Lacking a little weight prevented him going further on the day.

Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1st Allan’s Dramadanes Scarlett Ohara, 6 months old beautifully marked Harlequin bitch with great elegance. Feminine head with parallel planes, well defined stop and kind expression. Long well arched neck flowing into well muscled shoulders. Front legs straight with plenty of bone and tight feet.  Correct rear angulation, good turn of stifle. One to watch for the future. Moved freely covering the ground well.

Novice Bitch (1,0)

1st Collett’s Foaldown Mother Hubbard Blue Bitch. Feminine head with good length and parallel planes. Well filled front, deep chest, with good tuck up of belly and strong loin. Well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm. Correct rear angulation and turn of stifle. Excellent topline and croup which she held as she moved around the ring with ease. 

Blue Bitch (1,0)

1st Collett’s Foaldown Mother Hubbard Blue Bitch. 

Black Bitch (1,0)

1st Allan’s Laguna Von Der Kieselbachquelle (IMP DEU) 2 year old Black Bitch with great presence. Feminine head with good length of foreface and parallel planes showing alert expression. Well laid back shoulders, good depth of chest and well bodied throughout. Correct topline which she held on the move. Well muscled rear with good turn of stifle which helped her move around the ring with ease once settled.

Veteran Bitch (1,0)

1st Collett’s Joopstar Mischief At Foaldown 7 ½ years old blue bitch who was in great condition for her age. Pleasing head of good proportions and kind expression. Well filled forechest, correct lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Would prefer her with a little less weight  but this did not stop her enjoying her day. Moved ok