2017 Champ Show Bitch Results


Bitch Results

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CLASS 17 SPECIAL VETERAN BITCH (5 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Samdice Written In The Stars JW, 2nd – Dornoir Wyrd At Elbarevol,
3rd – Danemoor Black Swan.

CLASS 18 MINOR PUPPY BITCH (4 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Roucandane Never Say Never, 2nd – Carsan Madame Cheng,
3rd – Roucandane Theodora.

CLASS 19 PUPPY BITCH (11 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Gretadane Mel Bee, 2nd – Gretadane Honeysuckle,
3rd – Wunderhund Poised For Madjax, Res- Daneoak Agent Provocateur,
Vhc – Jaemluk Amelie Of Clunton.

CLASS 20 JUNIOR BITCH (12 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Zeefather Crazy Diamond For Verano,
2nd – Droolakiss Miss Busy Body At Murrayvhayle, 3rd – Garsak Still Game, Res – Jaydania Steffie Graff, Vhc – Samdice Best Of You.

CLASS 21 YEARLING BITCH (10 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st –  Zeefather Crazy Diamond For Verano, 2nd – Lindeefay The Sweetest Love JW, 3rd – Linsdown Idaho, Res – Samdice Best Of You, Vhc – Bandwar Taylor Made.

Class 22 NOVICE BITCH (1 Entry)
1st – Sihr Strawberry Moon.

CLASS 23 POST GRADUATE BITCH (4 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Vanmore American Graffiti At Kazabbie, 2nd – Rayjen Aces High JW,
3rd – Dainmajik Bewitched At Carerra. 

CLASS 24 LIMIT BITCH (8 Entries)
1st – Garsak City Of Angels At Primus, 2nd – Keirkane’s Kiss From Heaven JW, 3rd – Tenya Cherokee Aurora Sky, Res – Clannalba’s Noa Beul An Latha Of Tayhamblue, Vhc – Ravendane Enchanting Dream At Elbarevol.

CLASS 25 OPEN BITCH (7 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Ch Garsak Adaption, 2nd – Ch Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice, 3rd – Selmalda Ziti’s Journey JW, Res – Kazabbie Style And Grace, Vhc – Droolakiss Gold N Glamour


1st – Samdice Written In The Stars JW, 2nd – Dainmajik The Sorceress ShCM, 3rd – Lindeefay Heart Of Glass, Res – Clannalba’s Noa Beul An Latha Of Tayhamblue.

1st – Droolakiss Stripe A Pose.

1st – Bandwar Taylor Made, 2nd – Laguna Von Der Kieselbachquelle (Imp Deu) Naf Taf, 3rd – Danemoor Black Betty.

1st – Leamap Iron Maiden JW, 2nd – Renescent Love Heart, 3rd – Rayjen Aces High JW,Res – Mistress In Blue V Jewels Blue (etc Au01303nld), Vhc – Jasnettdanes Misty Morning.

1st – Ravendane Maleficent For Harvaxe, 2nd – Ravendane Enchanting Dream At Elbarevol, 3rd – Moira Delta Velorum Von Dramamines (Imp Pol). 

1st – Adoreadane Make Your Marc.

Mr J & Mrs L Donnelly – Garsak City Of Angels At Primus

G, J & M Hooker, Lockley & Armour – Ch. Garsak Adaption.

Mr G & Mrs A Liddell – Gretadane Mel Bee.


CLASS 33 BRACE (1 Entry, 1 Absent)

CLASS 34 TEAM – (0 Entries)




The Great Dane Club Championship Show Bitches – 6th August 2017

I would like to thank the Committee for the opportunity of judging at this superb show which was my first CC appointment, my excellent stewards Tony and Julie Schanningling were fantastic at keeping everything running smoothly. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for allowing to me to judge your dogs. I was very pleased with the principle class winners, temperaments were very good on all the females, I was surprised in the number of untidy mouths I looked at and as always handling techniques can be improved.

1st – Dysons – Samdice Written in the Stars JW – 6 year old fawn, well made classy bitch, feminine head with good length of foreface and a dark eye, kind expression, used ears to advantage. Long neck into strong shoulders, good angulation front and rear, her overall body shape is balanced although to be critical I’d like a little bit more length of leg. Her movement was a joy to watch and made her the easy winner of the class, she powered round the ring at the correct speed with the desired reach and drive. I was very pleased to see her awarded Best veteran in show.
2nd – Burtons – Dornoir Wyrd At Elbarevol – 6 Year old Harlequin, Head is okay but expression was spoiled by slightly lose eyes. Correctly marked and in good condition. She has a good body shape with adequate angles front and rear. She moved well.
3rd – Bates – Danemoor Black Swan

Minor Puppy
All puppies present were 6 months old and at different stages of growth, they were all very raw.
1st – McLellans – Roucandane never say never to Anadain – The clear winner as she was more altogether and balanced. Fawn with dark mask, a pretty shaped head, dark eye and soft expression, well set ears. Good length of neck into well set shoulders, plenty of fill in chest and depth of brisket, front and rear angles are good for her age, currently a little long in loin. She was the best mover in the class, well muscled rear. Very promising youngster.
2nd – Mackenzies – Carsan Madame Cheng – Black of good size and substance, nice head with dark eye. She wasn’t as together in body as the winner and being bum high at this stage of growth didn’t help the overall balance on the day. She moved okay
3rd – Herrings – Roucandane Thodora

A enjoyable class to judge with some very promising puppies which is good for the future. Many lovely dogs went away unplaced today, another day the places could easily change.
1st – Liddells – Gretadane Mel Bee – 10 month old fawn with black mask, she caught my eye the moment she stepped in the ring. She was a typical puppy, excited and having fun, she gave her handler a hard time, but I saw enough. Good head with a quizzical expression, well shaped dark eye, well set ears which she used to her advantage. She is a nice size for a female, balanced throughout. Strong neck of good length flowed into well placed shoulders, good fill of front with correct depth of chest. She is currently a little long in loin, but her topline was firm and croup good. Well muscled rear which enabled her to power around the ring. Very pleased to award her best puppy bitch and reserve best puppy in show, I will watch her future with interest.
2nd – Allisons – Gretadane Honeysuckle – 10 Month Fawn bitch, litter sister to the class winner. Both girls have similar attributes this girl was taller, I preferred the overall balance of the winner. Again she had a good head and nice expression. Well made body with good bone structure. Excellent muscletone and moved very well, a very promising youngster. 3rd – Staplefords – Wunderhund Poised For Madjax

Another excellent class that places could change on another day as I found them to be at different stages of growth and maturity.
1st – Bourtons – Zefather Crazy Diamond For Verano – Very pretty fawn bitch with black mask. This girl had everything required at this stage, she is in excellent condition, carrying the correct amount of weight and super muscle tone. She has a pretty expression, good length of foreface, dark eyes and used her well set ears to advantage. Her body is balanced, pleasing angles front and rear, well filled front with deep brisket and a well set croup. Moved at the correct speed she had a good length of stride, carried her topline firm and moved freely.
2nd – Searles – Droolakiss Miss busy body at Murrayvhayle – A very well marked brindle girl, very elegant throughout and taller than my class winner. She has a gentle expression with dark eyes, good length of foreface and good stop, nice sized ears used well. She has a beautiful long neck with flowed into well positioned shoulders, deep chest and correct depth of brisket. Carrying the perfect amount of weight for her size, straight topline and good croup, enough rear angulation. She was not as positive on the move as the class winner, she did have a good length of stride, could have been moved faster, a exciting youngster.
3rd – Camburns – Garsak Still Game

Special yearling
1st – winner of junior, again her positive movement won her this class
2nd – Drews – Lindeefay The Sweetest Love JW – A nicely marked brindle, good overall size and substance although today I thought she is carrying too much weight. She has a good shaped head with long foreface and dark eye, well set ears of good shape. Long neck, nice shoulders into a level topline and good croup. Nice front with straight legs and tight feet. Moved okay with a good length of stride. 3rd – Mortons – Linsdown Idaho

1st – Shiels – Sihr Strawberry Moon – unplaced in junior class – 13 month black in good condition, her coat gleamed. At the bum high stage in growth, her angles front and rear are okay,nice expression, moved okay

Post Graduate
1st – Jacobs – Vanmore American Graffiti At Kazzabbie – Brindle with good markings, she won this class because I thought her overall shape was more typical and balanced than the other exhibits. Nice head with dark eye, good drop of lip and kind expression. I thought she was carrying a bit too much weight, nice body shape with good angles, topline could be firmer, moved well.
2nd – Parks – Rayjen Aces High JW – Blue bitch that was shorter and stockier than the class winner. She has a okay head that would benefit from a longer foreface. Her body shape is pleasing but is carrying too much weight for her frame, deep chest and well filled front, straight topline and good croup. The best mover in the class.
3rd – Haynes – Dainmajik Bewitched At Carerra

A difficult class to judge as many of the have the quality worthy of being awarded 1st place.
1st – Donnellys – Garsak City Of Angels At Primus – Fawn with black mask, caught my eye the moment she walked in the ring and did not disappoint upon examination. Beautiful shaped head that combined strength and elegance, good drop of lip, dark eye and correct ear set, pretty expression. Good reach of neck with slight arch, flowed into well placed shoulders. Well developed front and a deep brisket. She has a compact body shape, carrying the correct amount of weight, good height, nice length of loin, strong and firm topline and well set croup. Good rear angulation with a well muscled rear enabled her to move very well, good reach of stride. In excellent condition. Pleased to award her the BCC, her 3rd and crowing challenge certificate and on the referees decision RBIS/BOS.
2nd – Ryan & Georges – Keirkane’s kiss from heaven JW – Fawn with black mask, another very nice bitch combing strength with elegance. Feminine head with dark eye and nice ear set, she is a good sized bitch with a balanced body, nice front and angulation, moved nicely with a firm topline, she didn’t have the same sparkle or enthusiasm as the class winner, called back in to compete for the RBCC but was unfortunately unavailable.
3rd – Seddons – Tenaya Cherokee Aurora Sky

Another superb class of quality bitches, all worthy of a 1st place
1st – Hooker, Lockey & Armours – CH Garsak Adaption – A substantial, Classy fawn with black mask. Very classical head shape with good length of foreface and drop of lip, dark eye, very expressive and used ears well. She has a long arched neck, ok shoulders and deep chest with brisket to the elbows. Her body is balanced without exaggeration, good angles and croup. A super happy girl with her tail constantly wagging which was pleasing to see. Moved well, although slightly too fast at times, Powerful movement with good length of stride. Very pleased to award her the RBCC behind her litter sister.
2nd – Dysons – CH Selmalda journey to the melody at samdice – Pretty fawn bitch with black mask, nice shaped head with good drop of lip, dark eye and well set ears, soft/kind expression. I liked her overall size, shape and balance, nice shoulders and good angulation front and rear, good topline and croup, she moved well with a good length of stride. Lost out on 1st place today as I preferred the presence and sparkle of the class winner.
3rd – Chappells – Selmalda Zizi’s Journey JW

1st – previous winner of the veteran class, again won this class on super movement
2nd – Ingrams – Dainmajik The sorceress ShCM – 6 1⁄2 year old fawn bitch, she pushed hard to try and win this class today, she is a bigger built bitch than the class winner, a lovely size and substance. Pleasing head with good lip and dark eye, could have used ears better to enhance her expression. Well made body with correct angles front and rear. She moved very well although id like her to be more toned.
3rd – Drews – Lindeefay Heart Of Glass

1st – Lawson & Hunters – Droolakiss stripe a pose – Well marked brindle bitch, pleasing head shape, long foreface and dark eye. Body is a nice shape, id prefer more rear angulation, topline was okay. She moved well.

1st – Blacks – Bandwar Taylor Made – VHC in a strong yearling class, A pretty girl in good condition, her black coat was gleaming. Pleasing shape with good rear angulation, Topline needs to firm. She was the best mover in this class with a reachy stride.
2nd – Allans – Laguna von der Kieselbachquelle (imp deu) naf taf – unplaced in a strong junior class. I had a difficult decision between 2nd and 3rd place but I thought this girl had a better shaped head and body was more balanced. Lots of maturing to do but the make and shape is good, more weight is needed to present a better picture, moved okay.
3rd – Bates – Danemorr Black Betty

1st – Prices – Lemap Iron Maiden JW – A attractive steal blue bitch, very elegant shape. Pleasing head with good eye. Body is of a good size and substance, well filled front, good rear angulation, strong and firm topline, moves very well.
2nd – Simpsons – Renescent Love Heart – A stronger built girl than the class winner, nice head with good pigmentation, nice eyes, well shaped body with good topline and croup, moved well
3rd – Parks – Rayjen Aces High JW

1st – Ellis-Khanna – Ravendane Maleficent For Harvaxe – A beautifully marked harlequin with the desired white background and black torn patches. Her head is very classic, long foreface, square drop of lip and dark eyes. Long neck, shoulders okay. Lovely body shape with firm topline, well set croup. She moves well when settled with a reachy stride.
2nd – Burtons – Ravendane Enchanting Dream At Elbarevol – A extremely well marked harlequin with a gleaming white background. She didn’t have as good a head as the class winner. Her body shape is balanced, has a good front and nice front and rear angulations, croup is okay. Similar powerful movement to the class winner, with good length of stride.
3rd – Allans – Moira Delta Velorum Von Dramadanes (imp pol)

1st – Tempests – Adoreadane Make Your Marc – A well marked feminine girl. Her head is okay but I would prefer a little more lip , she has a dark eye, nice sized and well set ears. She is a good shape, has a long neck into strong shoulders, well filled front, firm topline and nice angles. Her side profile movement is good.

BITCH CC – Mr J & Mrs L Donnelly – Garsak City Of Angels At Primus

RESERVE BITCH CC – G, J & M Hooker, Lockley & Armour – Ch. Garsak Adaption.

BEST PUPPY BITCH – Mr G & Mrs A Liddell – Gretadane Mel Bee.

Miss Tamasin Pocock (Tamzdane)


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