2014 Open Show


Sunday 16th November 2014

The Sports Connexion, Leamington Road, Ryton-on-Dunsmore,

Coventry, CV8 3FL



Dogs & Bitches: Miss Tamasin Pocock

Members Stakes: Mr Geoff Duffield


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2014 Open Show


Mr D. & Mrs M. McGuinness – Ch. Eddanes Rule The World Dinahtron


Mrs P.Price – Leamap Chivas Regal J.W.


Mr K.S. & Mrs M.J. Humphries – Jaydania Georgia of Bengrafton ShCM


Mrs J.C. Richards – Vanmore Annie Oakley


Misses P. & L. Battersby – Internos Arizona ShCM



JUDGE – Mr Geoff Duffield

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Ms J.Brooker – CH. Beizjan Lochsong


Mrs M. Mirando – Danesvic Corona Dasher


Mr D. & Mrs J. Hindle – Danemoor Inga Of Pendayne naf

The Great Dane Club Open Show

16th November 2014

MP – 12 (4 Abs) –

1st – Richard’s Vanmore Annie Oakley, 6 month Fawn bitch which oozed quality. Caught my eye from the moment she entered the ring. Dark tight eyes and correct teeth, she has a pretty head of good proportions and a nice expression, dark mask, nice sized ears which were well set. Her body shape was pleasing for her age, carrying just enough weight, she was very balanced. Her front legs were straight, tight feet and good bone with plenty still to grow, good angles front and rear. She had good muscle tone, moved well and held her straight topline on the move. Pleased to award her best puppy bitch and best puppy in show.

2nd – Day’s Janriche Miss America – 8 month old Brindle bitch, another lovely puppy. Good colour with dark mask. Nice head with long muzzle, dark eye and well set ears. She is a bigger girl than my class winner, very balanced, long neck into good shoulders and correct front angles, well filled front and deep brisket, straight topline and short coupled, rear angles were very good with good bend of stifle. Nicely muscled, she moved well when she settled. Very promising.

3rd – McGuinness Dinahtron Shot To Fame (AI)

PB – 4 (3 Abs) –

1st – Day’s Janriche Miss Congeniality, Litter sister to 2nd in MP. 8 month Fawn bitch with black mask. Good shaped head with dark eyes, nice length of muzzle and a good expression. Good length of neck into strong shoulders, strong straight bone, good feet, deep brisket. Nicely balanced body, Straight topline, correct angles front and rear. Well muscled rear, moved better when she settled.

J – 6 (3Abs) –

1st – Drews Lindeefay Heart Of Glass, Fawn with black mask, She won this class on her maturity, and substance. Nice head and expression and reach of neck. Good body shape, well filled front and enough bone, front and rear angles were good. Moved well when settled.

2nd – Kingsleys Dainoak Fortuna, well marked Harlequin, not the substance of the winner. Her head was pleasing, would prefer a better eye, she had good a body shape, she needs to fill out in front but time is on her side, front and rear angles were good. Her movement was good, with a good length of stride and she held her top line.

3rd – Taylor’s Alsphuzazz Ecosse Electra For Daneheart

Y – 2 (1 Abs) –

1st – Burton’s Ravendane Enchanting Dream At Elbarevol, A very well marked Harlequin with torn patches and a very white underground. She was presented in excellent condition. Her head was nice, she had a soft expression, would prefer a darker eye. Her body shape is balanced, strong bone and tight feet, her front and rear angulation is good, she is short coupled, . Her movement was pleasing, she strided out well, keeping a firm topline and moved with drive.

N – 4 (1 Abs) –

A hard class to judge, these dogs were at different stages of growth and maturity. 1st – Wood’s Alsphuzazz Dare To Dream, A harlequin of good colour, She won this class on maturity, her head is ok, strong with a good expression and small well set ears. Her body shape was good, I would prefer more height. She had a strong neck into well placed shoulders, nice well filled front, deep brisket, angles front and rear were good, tight feet. She is well muscled which enabled her to moved well with good length of stride.

2nd – Kingsleys Dainoak Fortuna – 2nd place in junior

3rd – McGuinness’s Dinahtron Best Shot (AI)

PG – 7 (2 Abs) –

1st Prices Leamap Iron Maiden JW – Attractive blue, her coat was glossy and in excellent condition. Feminine head with good shaped eyes, well set ears, she had a good length of muzzle and good drop of lip. Nice body shape, good size and substance, well filled front and tight feet. Her topline was straight and had a good croup and tailset. Moved well.

2nd – Tempest’s Abbaio Eleganza For Adoreadane – Harlequin with excellent markings, white underground and a clean white front and neck. She has a lovely head with good tight eyes, a long muzzle and good drop of lip. She is a big substantial girl, nice body shape, deep brisket and well filled front, front and rear angles were good. On side profile her movement was good, moved at the correct speed she had a long length of stride.

3rd- Burtons Dornoir Wyrd At Elbarevol

L – 5 (2 Abs) –

1st Humphries Jaydania Georgia Of Bengrafton ShCM – Fawn with black mask, A compact well balanced bitch, everything was in the right place and nothing was overdone or exaggerated. She has a good head with pleasing expression, strong neck into good shoulders, nice well filled front with good angles, deep brisket. Straight topline and short coupled, nice croup and good rear angles. Moved well. Pleased to award her Best Bitch and after a long day she seemed tiered and had to settle with Best Opposite Sex in Show.

2nd – Gray’s Jaydania Tenna See, fawn with black mask, I notice she is litter sister to the class winner,. She is bigger than her sister and has similar qualities. Nice head and expression with dark eye. She has a good body shape, slightly longer cast than the winner and to be critical I would prefer better rear angulation. She also moved well.

3rd – Woods – Alsphuzazz Dolce Donum

O – 2 (1 abs) –

1st Brookers CH Beizjan Lochsong, Fawn with black mask, A very elegant bitch who presented a pleasing overall picture. She has a good head and beautiful expression, I would prefer a darker eye. Long neck into strong shoulders, deep brisket and very well filled front. Good topline and croup. Plenty of rear angulation. She moved ok, but today she held her head slightly low on the move . Short listed to my last 4 for best bitch.

SPV – 8 (2 abs) –

1st Battersby & Williams Internos Cosi Fan Tutte 6 1/2 year old black, A tall upstanding girl with good bone and substance, in Excellent condition, She moved well on a loose lead.

2nd – Heeson’s Elvistar Little Darlin 6 1⁄2 year old Harlequin, nicely marked with the desired white neck and chest. Nice shaped body although lacked fill in front. She moved very well around the ring.

3rd – Mahon’s Damarkann Painted Lady For Astraldream

SPOB – 4 (3 abs) –

1st Agnew’s Selmalda Love Rescue Me – Well marked brindle with black mask, presented in excellent condition. A substantial girl with good bone. Lovely head with kind expression, correct bite and dark eye. Good reach of neck in to well laid shoulders, nice front and straight bone. Good topline and croup, excellent angles front and rear. On side profile she moved well and with drive. Lots to like, I was pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch

SPO FAWN – 5 (3 abs) –

1st Hyde’s Highesteem Love Affair With Dorneywood (imp nor) A substantial fawn with black mask. A lovely shape, correct angles front and rear, well filled front and deep brisket. Straight topline and good croup. Moved well. Short listed to my last 4 for best bitch.

2nd – Dahme Z Kuzni Napoleonskiej (imp pol) Fawn with black mask, a different type to the winner . Strong head with plenty of lip, correct bite, would prefer a better eye shape. Nice substance and good bone, tight feet. Well filled front. Good rear angulation. Moved ok.

SPO BLACK – 2 (1 abs) –

1st Pepper’s Leamap Black Caviar At Sarawen Gleaming black, Nice head and expression, dark eyes. She combines size and substance, has a good body shape, with nice angles front and rear. Her side profile movement was good, but gave her handler a hard time on the straight up and down.

SPO BLUE – 5 (1 abs) – 1st – Walton’s Ravendane Rose Liqueur, Nice elegant blue bitch with a pleasing head and expression, good head planes and drop of lip, used her ears well. Good bone and body shape, nice neck and shoulders, good fill in front with deep brisket to her elbows. Strong straight topline, croup could be better. Really good angles front and rear. She moved well when settled.

2nd – Prices Leamap Iron Maiden JW – 1st in post graduate

3rd – Wood’s Isla Bonita Von Haus Tiefenbach For Alsphuzazz (imp deu)

SPO HARLIE – 4 (2 abs) –

1st – Burton’s Ravendane Enchanting Dream At Elbarevol, 1st in Yealing

2nd – Taylor’s Alsphuzazz Ecosse Electra For Daneheart – 3rd in junior

MPD – 4 (1 abs) –

1st Price’s Leamap Whiskey Galore, 8 1⁄2 month old black, well grown strong male. Nice masculine head, dark eyes. Good Body shape and correct angles front and rear, carrying enough boy weight for his age and development. Pleased to award him Best Puppy Dog

2nd – Walton’s Ravendane Flash Gordon, 8 month correctly marked mantle. Nice head and dark eye, long well arched neck. Nicely constructed front, feet could be tighter. Pleasing body shape, short coupled and good topline. lost out to the winner on movement, he was unsettled with a change of handler.

3rd – Bates Danemoor Ragnar

PD – 3 (2 abs) –

1st Harrison’s Leamap Strongbow. 8 1⁄2 month old, litter brother to the MPD, similar remarks apply although he wasn’t as big boned. Good head, with dark eye. Nice overall make and shape. Strided out well when moved at the correct speed, held his tail high on the move.

JD 2 (0 abs) – 1st Drew’s Lindeefay Heartbreaker – Large masculine fawn male. Strong head with kind expression, dark eye. A Balanced body shape, carry the correct amount of weight for his development. Straight topline and good croup, moved ok, time is on his side.

2nd – Dewane’s Alsphuzazz Extra Esteem, Well marked harlequin, masculine head with dark eye. Good body shape, size and substance. Front angles are good, rear angulation still needs to drop. Good movement with a spring in his step.

YD 2 (0 abs) –

1st Ciosch & Olech’s Phoenixdane Baltic Sun Harlequin male, won this class on overall balance. Strong head, with good drop of lip, long neck. Body shape was good, would prefer more fill in front, good straight bone, tight feet. Topline was straight, croup ok. Moved well.

2nd – Holland’s Justinian It Must Be Magic, fawn male, strong head with plenty of lip,nice expression and used ears well. Long arched neck. Straight front, would prefer better angulation front and rear, short coupled. Moved ok

ND – 5 (2 abs) –

1st – Dewane’s Alsphuzazz Extra Esteem – 2nd in junior

2nd – Mahon’s Phoenixdane Jackbauer For Astraldream, mantle dog, of good size and substance. Good head and expression. Well built, carrying enough weight, nice body shape, correct angles front and rear. Moved well.

3rd – Ciosch & Olech’s Phoenixdane Baltic Sun

L – 2 (1 abs) –

1st Mirando’s Danesvic Corona Dasher Fawn dog, stood alone but a worthy class winner, Good head, with dark eye, strong neck into good shoulders, nice front with straight bone, good feet. Nice overall body shape, good rear angulation. Moved well on a loose lead. Short listed to my last 4 for best dog,

O – 6 (3 abs) –

1st McGuinness’s CH Eddanes Rule The World Dinahtron, Upstanding Fawn with black mask. Lovely expression, dark eyes and good ear set. Long neck, good shoulders and good width of chest, deep brisket. Nice shaped body, he combined elegance with substance, well balanced front and rear. Straight topline and good croup, enough rear angulation. Well muscled with enabled him to move well with a reachy stride. Continued to show well to win Best Dog – Pleased to award him Best in show

2nd – Gifford’s Highesteem Lochsong At Danetime (imp nor), a dark brindle with black mask, Nicely made throughout, good height and substance. Pleasing head with kind expression. Good front angulation, well filled front and deep brisket. Nice rear angluation, Moved well on profile with a long reach stride.

3rd – Kime’s Fendane the Ring Master Via Rogzdane

V – 4 (2 abs)-

1st Battersby & Williams, Internos Arizona ShCM 7 1⁄2 year old harlequin in excellent condition, Good head and expression, a happy boy who moved well around the ring, he is a nice make and shape, balanced throughout with nothing over done. Good size and good angles front and rear. Pleased to award him Best Veteran In Show

2nd – Mahon’s Sereno Button Moon, 8 1⁄2 year old harlequin in excellent condition, didn’t have the head of the class winner. Good body shape, nice tight feet, good topline, he moved round the ring with power and drive.

SPO Brindle – 4 (2 abs) –

1st Gifford’s Highesteem Lochsong At Danetime (imp nor)

2nd in Open 2nd – Ellis-Khanna Roucandane The Illusionist – Nicely marked brindle, lost out to the winner on overall maturity. A pleasing head with good expression and dark eye, long reachy neck, good straight bone and tight feet, Nice body shape, well muscled, moved well.

SPO Fawn- 1 (0abs) –

1st Grey’s Calomar Chasing Stars, Fawn with black mask, a masculine dog with size and substance, strong head with dark eye. Nice shape, with good front, topline was good, well muscled rear, moved well.

SPO Black – 3 (1 abs) –

1st Peppers Leamap Black Sabbath With Sarawen Black in gleaming condition, Masculine with good substance. Good head with long foreface and good drop of lip. Wide, well filled front, nice bone and good feet. Body shape was good, short coupled and has good angles. Moved well. Short listed to my last 4 for best dog,

2nd – Mackenzie’s Akura Final Mission With Carsan black with a gleaming coat, Nice overall make and shape, he head was stronger in back skull than the winner, Nice body shape with good angles front and rear. Moved okay.

SPO Blue – 3 (2 abs) –

1st Price’s Leamap Chivas Regal JW Substantial blue male of excellent colour, Combined size and substance. Pleasing head, with good length of foreface and drop of lip, dark eye and good ear set. His body shape was very good and balanced throughout, nice angles front and rear, good topline held on the move. Well muscled rear, his movement very good and powerful. Pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog and Reserve Best in show

SPO Harlie – 3 (1 abs) –

1st – Dewane’s Alsphuzazz Extra Esteem –

2nd in junior 2nd – Ciosch & Olech’s Phoenixdane Baltic Sun – 1st in yearling

SPO Mantle – 3 (1 abs) –

1st Tempest Sharandanes Tempest Pride For Adoreadane well marked mantle dog of good size, Good head and expression, dark eye. Pleasing body shape, good angles, strong topline. His movement on profile was good when moved at the correct speed.
2nd – Walton’s Ravendane Flash Gordon 2nd in minor puppy

Judge Miss T Pocock (Tamzdane)