2018 Freda Lewis Memorial Stakes

Judge Mrs Sharon Nunn


CLASS 37 PUPPY DOG OR BITCH (10 Entries, 4 Absent)
1st – Tamzdane Sofa So Good, 2nd – Empress Elivira V Rosherta (Imp Nld),
3rd – Oldcharm Markus at Elsimba, Res – Tamzdane Sweetest Peace at Bellouste,
Vhc – Jutlanders Are You Ready (Imp Den).

CLASS 38 YEARLING DOG OR BITCH (11 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st – Bourntwyn By My Side, 2nd – Griffindane Tigris from Jaydania,
3rd – Bourntwyn Presley’s Girl by Rioco, Res – Justinian Lord Bradley JW, Vhc – Culseandanes Tyrion the Imp.

1st – Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano JW, 2nd – Bourntwyn Rags to Riches,
3rd – Nikami the Lyrical, Res – Ravendane Enchanting Dream at Elbarevol, VHC – Jaemluks Dannie of Clunton




I would sincerely like to thank the committee and its officers for allowing me to judge the stakes classes at this well run, well supported show, I thoroughly enjoyed my day also thanks to my very helpful steward and all the exhibitors who took the time to enter under me, I had an excellent entry there were some very nice dogs and some promising youngsters, I had some lovely dogs to go over and was very pleased with my winners.  All exhibits were clean and well presented, eyes on the whole were good as were temperaments, however, areas to watch are fronts and mouths.  


  1. (83) Pocock’s Tamzdane Sofa So Good; elegant 6 month old feminine beautifully marked harlequin bitch with white front, dark eye, correct head planes and ear set, scissor bite, alert expression, long clean well arched neck, deep brisket reaching elbow, well sprung rib, straight forelegs with big flat bone, good turn of stifle, low set hocks, tight feet, level topline which she held on the move, fit and well-muscled, covered the ground well, moved effortlessly around the ring, one to watch for the future. Very well handled.

  2. (101) Southgate’s Empress Elvira V Rosherta (Imp Nld); 6 month old striking glossy black bitch took my eye as soon as she entered the ring, darkest of eyes, level topline, high set ear, correct scissor bite, long well arched neck set well into shoulder, deep brisket reaching well set elbow, good bone, just lost out on movement, lot to like about her but did not have the presence of 1st today however this could change, another very promising puppy, look forward to seeing this girl mature, another one to watch for the future.

  3. (72) Mitchell’s Oldcharm Markus at Elsimba


  1. (16) Bithell’s Bourntwyn by my side; sweet natured elegant 13 month old feminine fawn bitch with black mask, alert kind expression, correct head planes, well set ear, tight dark eye, scissor bite and correct drop of lip, clean long well arched neck, well set shoulder, flat bone, well sprung brisket to elbow, good tuck up and correct tail set, level topline which she held on the move, covered the ground well and moved with drive, by far the best mover in this class today, very well handled

  2. (12) Bishton & Mariott’s Griffindane Tigris from Jaydania 18 month old nicely marked rich brindle dog with the blackest of masks, glossy coat in excellent muscular condition, masculine but elegantly built dark tight eye, alert kind expression, well set ear, clean long well arched neck.  Well off for large flat bone, well sprung brisket to elbow, good tuck up and topline, out moved by 1 today. 

  3. (10) Barratt’s Bourntwyn Presley’s Girl by Rioco


  1. (22) Bourton’s Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano JW elegant fawn bitch with a black mask, beautiful expression, correct ear set tight dark eye, correct head planes, nice drop of lip, scissor bite, long well arched neck well set into shoulder, brisket reaching elbow, well sprung rib, strong back and loin, good turn of stifle, low set hock, moved with drive covered the ground well.  Head and neck carried high powered gracefully and effortlessly around the ring, could not fault her today, a very nice bitch well-handled and very pleased to see she was later awarded the BCC and BOB 

  2. (17) Bithell’s Bourntwyn Rags to Riches sweet natured alert 13 month old tall square fawn dog with black mask, good ear set, dark tight eye, pleasing expression, scissor bite, well arched clean neck, flat bone, fit muscular condition, brisket to elbow, good tuck up level topline, correct croup and tail set, tight feet, elegant, head and neck carried high, level topline,  a little erratic on the move but very much a puppy and yet to mature, one to watch for the future, well handled.

  3. (1) Abbott’s Nikami The Lyrical


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