2015 Champ Show Bitch Results & Critique


Bitch Results & Critique

CLASS 17 SPECIAL VETERAN BITCH ( 4 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Internos Cosi Fan Tutte, 2nd – Stegill Lady Legend At Nikami, 3rd – Damarkann Painted Lady For Astraldream.

CLASS 18 MINOR PUPPY BITCH ( 5 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st – Preveli Frozen Gold (AI), 2nd – Papermoons Heavy Fuel To Jaydania (Imp NOR), 3rd – Cwmgwym Rhianwen.

CLASS 19 PUPPY BITCH ( 4 Entries )
1st – Jaydania I’m No Angel,  2nd – Santanna Touch Of Class, 3rd – Ravendane Frozen With Tamzdane, RES – Carsan Caribbean Blue.

CLASS 20 JUNIOR BITCH ( 14 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st – Vanmore Felicity, 2nd Garsak Tiger Lilly, 3rd – Janriche Miss Congeniality, RES – Kazabbie Style And Grace, VHC – Ravendane Maleficent For Harvaxe.

CLASS 21 YEARLING BITCH ( 10 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Ravendane Queen Of Darkness For Elleyenda, 2nd – Leamap Bombay Sapphire, 3rd – Smalltall’s Fairytale (Imp NOR), RES – Ravendane Bewitched By Auldmoor, VHC – Dainoak Fortuna.

Class 22 NOVICE BITCH ( 8 Entires, 2 Absent)
1st – Preveli Frozen Assett (AI), 2nd – Garsak Maia Sunset, 3rd – Ravendane Frozen With Tamzdane, RES – Dainwood Treasure Trove At Jaydania, VHC – Alsphuzazz Fit For Function.

CLASS 23 POST GRADUATE BITCH ( 17 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st – Jaydania Miss America, 2nd – Ravendane Down The Lane To Leftwich, 3rd – Jaemluks Dannie Of Clunton, RES – Starways Gimme A Kiss For Benvistadane, VHC – Rayjen Ace Of Diamonds.

CLASS 24 LIMIT BITCH ( 11 Entries )
1st – Highesteem Love Affair With Dorneywood (Imp NOR), 2nd – Jaydania Virginia ShCM, 3rd – Stroma The Candidate, RES – Vanmore High Ho Silver, VHC – Jaydania Sadie Frost.

CLASS 25 OPEN BITCH ( 6 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – CH Vanmore Eye Catching, 2nd – CH Beizjan Lochsong, 3rd – Ravendane Rose Liqueur, RES – CH Stagbatch Pandora Box, VHC – Yaresville Frankie.


CLASS 27 SPECIAL OPEN FAWN BITCH ( 5 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Jaydania Georgia Of Bengrafton ShCM, 2nd – Nikami Exotic Spice, 3rd – Nikami Mystic Powers, RES – Dainmajik The Sorceress.

1st – Droolakiss Kerfuffle.

CLASS 29 SPECIAL OPEN BLACK BITCH ( 4 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st – Leamap Black Caviar At Sarawen, 2nd – Dornoir Wode, 3rd – Alsphuzazz Dolce Donum.

CLASS 30 SPECIAL OPEN BLUE BITCH ( 6 Entries, 1 Withdrawn)
1st – Leamap Iron Maiden JW, 2nd – Ravendane Rose Liqueur, 3rd – Leamap Bombay Sapphire, RES – Dinahtron Lady Luck From Dornoir, VHC – Rayjen Ace Of Diamonds.

1st – CH Cismeralda Von Tir Na Nogh At Daneworth JW WW15 (Imp DEU), 2nd – Jaemluks Dannie Of Clunton, 3rd – Alsphuzazz Few And Far By Phyvars, RES – Jacqukir Strike A Pose, VHC – Ravendane Enchanting Dream At Elbarevol.

1st – Ravendane Queen Of Darkness For Elleyenda, 2nd – Joopstar Cleopatra.

Vanmore Felicity.

Ravendane Queen Of Darkness For Elleyenda.

Jaydania I’m No Angel.

CLASS 33 BRACE ( 4 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st –  Mrs S.E. Burton, 2nd –  Miss C.A. Mahon.


The Great Dane Club Championship Show


Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to award my first CC’s at the parent club, a great honour. I was extremely pleased with my entry, thank you to all of the exhibitors. The exhibits were presented in clean condition and I was pleased that dentition has improved since my last appointment. Loose eyes are, unfortunately, a little worrying at the moment. Movement, in general was acceptable but I noticed more pinning in front than I would have preferred but with the quality of the bitches in my final line up I could have happily awarded 5 CC’s.

Veteran Bitch (4, 1abs)

  1. Battersby & Williams Internos Cost Fan Tuttle. 7yr old black in gleaming coat. Long, feminine head with dark eye. Good length of neck into decent lay of shoulder. Level top line, held on the move. Very tight, very well padded feet. RBVIS.

  2. Abbot Stegill Lady Legend at Nikami. 6 yr old fawn with a very feminine head. Adequate length of neck into decent shoulder lay. Very well bodied, deep chest with elbows well tucked in. Level top line but preferred the stronger hind action of 1.

  3. Mahon Damarkann Painted Lady for Astraldream.

MPB (5,2 abs).

  1. Baker Preveli Frozen Gold (AI). 7 month fawn baby with good substance. As expected at this age, head is still developing and planes need to level off, would prefer a more defined stop. She has a well filled front, good top line and croup. Moved with drive from behind but would like firmer front action.

  2. Bishton Paper Moons Heavy Fuel to Jaydania (Imp Nor). 8mth fawn who is still immature. She has strength of head and a good length of neck. A little long in body and top line needs to strengthen. Moved very well, preferred her front action to 1.

  3. 3.Gwyn Cwmgwyn Rhianwen

PB (4)

  1. Bishton Jaydania I’m No Angel. 9 mth well grown fawn. Strong but feminine head with dark eye. Good length of foreface, head planes yet to level off. Good length of neck. Upper arm placement a little forward. Level top line but needs to let down behind which should happen with time. A little out of coat at present. BPB.

  2. Skinners & Docherty Santana Touch of Class. Elegant fawn of 11 mths. A little behind 1 in development. Well bodied with deep chest. She is a tad upright in shoulder which showed in her front movement.

  3. Pocock Ravendane Frozen with Tamzdane.

JB (14, 3abs)

  1. Morgan-Evans Vanmore Felicity. My find of the day! Beautiful, fawn Bitch. Strong but feminine young lady of excellent size and substance. Well developed head with dark tight eye, long foreface with square drop of lip. Excellent length of neck into correctly angled shoulders. Deep, short coupled body with good tuck up. The best of topline and croup set. Excellent muscle tone which enabled her to move with power and elegance. I was very pleased to award her the CC & in agreement with my co-judge Mr Adam Chappell, BIS

  2. Hooker & Lockey Garsak Tiger Lilly. Powerful but elegant dark brindle girl. Strong, balanced feminine head with ample drop of lip. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Deep body and well filled front. Level top line but falls off in croup a little. Not as positive in front movement as 1.

  3. Day & Fry Janriche Miss Congeniality.

SY (10, 1abs)

  1. Waring Ravendane Queen of Darkness for Elleyenda. Beautifully marked mantle bitch built on clean, feminine lines. Elegant head with the darkest of eye. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Deep chest with elbows well tucked under. Strong top line and adequate tuck up. Well angulated behind which enabled her to drive from behind. Presented in gleaming condition. RCC. Pushed hard for RBIS but I felt, because of the heat, was just a step too far for her today.

  2. Southgate Leamap Bombay Sapphire. Blue girl with a lovely, balanced head. Strong neck into decent shoulder lay. Ample front and depth of chest. Level top line and excellent muscle tone. Preferred the outline and movement of 1.

  3. White Smalltall’s Fairy-tale (Imp Nor).

NB 8,2abs)

  1. Baker Preveli Frozen Assert (AI). Litter sister to 1 in MPB. Similar remarks apply as expected. Again a girl with plenty of substance and depth. Head needs to develop but still very young. Good length of neck into firm top line and good croup set. Well angled front and back. More positive front movement than her sister.

  2. White Garsak Maia Sunset. Tall, feminine Bitch who is maturing well. Long head set on a good, strong neck. A well developed front of good depth. Level top line and croup. Moved well.

  3. Pocock Ravendane Frozen with Tamzdane.

PGB (17,3abs).

  1. Day & Fry Janriche Miss America. Rich, brindle girl of good size and substance. Feminine yet strong head with well shaped, dark eyes. Excellent length of neck into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest which was well filled. Level top line and good croup set. Very well angulated front and back which helped her to move with power and ease.

  2. Byrne Ravendane Down the Lane to Leftwich. Another strong but feminine bitch. Decently marked harlequin in excellent condition. Head of strength and femininity with good length of foreface, correct tight eyes. Strong neck into correct shoulder lay. Fabulous, well filled deep chest and good tuck .up. Level top line and correct croup set. Moved with ease, unlucky to meet 1 in this large class.

  3. Kelleway Jaemluk’s Dannie of Clinton.

LB (11).

  1. Hyde Highesteem Love Affair with Dorneywood (Imp Nor). Striking mature, fawn Bitch that I judged as a youngster. Correct length of head with good drop of lip. Long, strong neck set on decent shoulder lay. Well developed front with excellent depth. Fabulous top line and croup set. Presented in hard condition. Moved well but to nit pick would like a little more hind angulation. Handled very well to get the best out of this lady.

  2. Wheeler Jaydania Virginia ShCM. Another mature Bitch. Strong but feminine head of correct length. Correct length of neck, decent shoulder lay. Fabulous deep, well filled front. Level top line, decent tuck up. Well angulated front and back. Preferred the overall balance of 1.

  3. Farquhar Strom The Candidate.

OB (6,1abs)

1. Morgan-Evans CH Vanmore Eye Catching. Stunningly elegant Bitch who is very difficult to fault. Beautiful, long feminine head with dark, tight eyes. She flowed through her long neck into well placed shoulders, top line and croup set. She has strength throughout without compromising the elegance desired. Well muscled and presented in superb condition. Moved effortlessly. Preferred the shorter coupling of my CC winner, her younger sister, and the substance throughout. A very worthy CH.

2. Brooker CH Beizjan Lochsong. A mature Bitch of good size and substance. Very pretty, feminine head with ample drop of lip. Long neck set on beautifully placed shoulders. Well filled, deep front. Level top line and good croup set. Correct front angulation but would prefer a little less hind angulation, also a little long cast. Never the less a sound Bitch that moved with ease.

3. Walton Ravendane Rose Liqueur.

SOF (5, 1abs)

1. Humphries Jaydania Georgia of Bengrafton ShCM. Mature, well developed Bitch. Correct feminine head with balanced planes. Long neck into shoulders which are a little upright. Level top line and strong quarters. Well angulated behind, moved well but like to see a little bit more purpose and length in her stride.

2. Abbot Nikami Exotic Spice. Another mature girl with a pleasing, well balanced, feminine head. Her coat has quite a bit of dark flecking, which does not enhance the fawn colour. Long neck and decent top line. Good substance throughout. Would like to see more positive movement.

3. Ingram Dainmajik The Sorceress.


1.Lawson & Hunter Droolakiss Kerfuffle. Golden brindle of great size, strongly built throughout. Strong head with level planes. Neck could be a little longer. Well filled, deep chest and good spring of rib. Well angulated behind with good bend of stifle. Unfortunately pins in front movement and would prefer a little less weight.

SOBlack (4, 1a)

1. Pepper Leamap Black Caviar at Sarawen. Maturing well. Grand head, feminine but with strength. Well constructed deep front with excellent spring of rib. Adequate length of neck but would prefer a firmer top line. In excellent condition and moved with purpose.

2. Middleton Dornoir Wide. Mature Bitch who was feeling the heat today. Feminine head set on adequate length of neck. Chest is deep and well filled but top line could be firmer.

3. Wood Alphuzazz Dolce Donum.

SO Blue (6, 1abs)

1 Price Leamap Iron Maiden J.W. Beautiful, elegant, feminine head on this gleaming blue. Correct length of neck and deep, well filled front. Another from this kennel with fabulous muscle tone which enabled her to reach and drive. Little dip in top line spoilt an otherwise lovely picture.

2.Walton Ravendane Rose Liqueur. Another well developed blue with great size. Gorgeous head in profile, clean with well defined stop. Long neck into decent shoulder placement. Level top line into rounded croup. Could have a better tuck up with less skirt. A little weighty at present which did not help her movement today.

3. Southgate Leamap Bombay Sapphire.

SO..Harlequin (6).

1.Pearson CH Cismeralda Von Tier Na Nogh at Daneworth JW WW15 (Imp DEU) A very worthy CH. Strong but feminine head of excellent proportions. Balanced planes with correct tight eye. A little less drop of lip would enhance her profile. Long neck set into good lay of shoulder. Deep body, level top line and excellent tuck up. Loved her muscle tone and condition which showed in her effortless, light, movement. One of the best movers I have seen. Pushed hard for top honours.

2. Kelleway Jaemluk’s Dannie of Clinton. 3rd in a large PG class. Liked this Harlequin very much. Strong head which retains femininity. Level planes, ample drop of lip and tight eyes. She is in fabulous muscular condition which enabled her powerful, easy movement. Long neck into well placed shoulders. Deep chest, excellent top line and good tuck up. Grand spring of rib and excellent width of thigh. Standing 4 square on good strong bone, tight, padded feet.

3.Reilly Alphuzazz Few and Farr by Phyvars.

SO Mantle (2).

1. Waring Ravendane Queen of Darkness for Elleyenda.

2. Pocock Joopstar Cleopatra. Elegant mantle with long feminine head, eyes could be tighter. Good

Length of neck into decent shoulder and level top line. Good angles front and back which allowed her to move correctly. Preferred overall structure and balance of 1.

Brace (4, 2 abs) judged jointly.

1. Burtons well matched Harlequins. Moved in unison. Well done.

2.Mahon Pair who did not move as well as 1.

Judge: Mrs Jackie Wood.